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Automatic Outdoor Retractable Folding Wave Shade

Folding Telescopic Wave Sun Shade
High Quality HDPE Fabric
Mock the sun and Cool down
Easy to install

Product Description

Manufacture Automatic Outdoor Retractable Folding Wave Shade

Material: Heavy Duty 180GSM Waterproof Polyester

Shape Style: U Shape

Framing Aluminium: Framing.

Colour: A full range of shade sail mesh colours is available.

Size: Customised to meet your requirements.

Customizable: Yes

Color Options: Wine Red, Beige

Application: Most Outdoor Site, Pergola, Patio, Deck, Backyard, Public Swimming pools, Mining sites, Employee Lunch Areas and Other Open Space Environments

Package includes: Wire Cable, Pad eyes, Turnbuckle, Fabric Panel, Retracting Rod, Rope, Control Tape, Shackle and Snap Hook.

Warranty: Full 5 year residential warranty & 3 year commercial warranty.

All shades are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit over any outdoor space. Attach them to pergolas, gazebos, decks, walls and poles - the options are endless. Waterproof options available and they even dampen acoustics.

Mesh PVC Shade Cover

Wave Shade The Automatic Retractable Shade Cover

Feature of Automatic Outdoor Retractable Folding Wave Shade

High quality mesh and PVC fabrics

Enhance Outdoor Areas

Waterproof Options Available

Enjoy The Outdoors All-Year Round


"If you want to maximize the usage of your outside space and add value to your home or business,

then install a Folding Wave Retractable Sunshade today."

Service About Automatic Outdoor Retractable Folding Wave Shade

TaiZhou design, drafting, and 3D drawing services allow for simple and effective communication, minimal lead times, and a smooth project from start to finish.

27 years experience in commercial projects, a long list of professional in-house services, and a 100% family owned and operated team, all-together give us at Shadeform the ability to deliver a fantastic end result to you.

If you would like to discuss your project, including retractable shade sail systems, with one of our shading experts, please Call Shadeform Today On 86-134 3549 2286 or email us at Martina@windowscover.comPlease contact us via online email if you are missing any parts or you have issue with installation.

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