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FAQ Quick Answers To Your Inquiry Questions

  • The difference between Shangri-La blinds and zebra blinds

    Both Shangri-La blinds and zebra blinds can be dimmed, what is the difference between them?
    First of all, their structure is different, Shangri-La blinds is a three-layer structure, consisting of two layers of gauze and one layer of cord fabric. The zebra blinds is a double-layer structure, and each layer of blinds is composed of such a curtain and a gauze alternately.
    Secondly, their dimming methods and positions are different. Shangri-La blinds can only be opened for dimming when they are pulled to the bottom. Zebra blinds are dimmed alternately through two layers of slats, and the zebra blinds can be pulled to any position for dimming.
    In addition, the effect of dimming, Shangri-La blinds are S-shaped shades, double-layer structure, so the light is more soft. As for the zebra blinds, the dimming positions are all straight in, and the presentation is striped, which is more tough.
    Shangri-La blinds and zebra blinds are all very popular dimming blinds, which one do you like?
  • What is zebra blinds maintenance method

    1. It is easier to blow at low temperature with a feather duster and a hair dryer;
    2. If it is contaminated by hard-to-remove stains, wipe it gently with a sponge or soft cloth dipped in warm water and neutral detergent;
    3. If deep cleaning is required, rinse with cold water in the shower and wipe with a soft cloth;
    Do not wash after exposure to the sun, just air dry.
    The above is how to disassemble and maintain zebra blinds. I don't know if everyone has learned it. I hope everyone can cherish the zebra blinds in your home. To learn how to clean other kinds of combi blinds, you can check the article How to clean curtains of different fabrics.
  • How to dismantle the roller blinds is better, pay attention when installing the roller blinds?

    The most common places for roller blinds are offices.
    If only a small part of the home can be used, the home blinds should be better cleaned. 
    Will it be troublesome to remove the roller blinds? 
    First put the roller blinds into the rotating shaft, then open the small disassembly bayonet on the left side of the upper beam, remove the upper and lower beams of the roller blinds, spread it on the ground, pour water containing detergent, soak it for a few minutes, and clean it with a brush. Finally, rinse it off with clean water, and remember not to fold it. This method is suitable for ordinary pull-bead roller blinds. Roller curtains are also called roll blinds, which are different from left and right opening and closing blinds. The principle is that the rolling tube drives the entire curtain to roll up and down.There are many kinds of fabrics, which are divided into full shading, semi-shading and sunshine fabrics according to the shading properties. Roller curtains made of different fabrics have different functions and are suitable for various occasions. In addition, according to the operation mode, the roller blinds can be divided into three types: electric blinds, spring blinds, and pull bead blinds.
    How to install roller blinds?
    Roller blinds installation steps
    1. Install roller blinds accessories: Determine the left and right direction of the head and the vertical direction of the bead. The head can be interchanged on the left and right, and the head can be installed according to the owner's preference or the convenience of the home. The bead-pulling head can be rotated, corresponding to the side-mounted and top-mounted pull-ups respectively. Roller blinds curtain installation steps 
    2. Head installation: There are two methods for head installation, corresponding to two installation schemes respectively. (1) External decoration: compare the roller blinds with the windows, and after finding the appropriate position, mark the position of the head screws on the window frame or wall, and use the screws to tighten the left and right head screws on the window frame or wall, and no pull The rotatable module on the bead making head is lifted. (2) Internal installation: place the roller blinds in the window frame, and after finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screw on the top of the window frame, and use the screws to lock the left and right heads respectively on the top of the window frame, and put the no The rotatable module on the bead making head is lifted. 
    Roller blinds installation step
    Install the track (1) First, put the right end of the upper rail into the head with pull beads, and then put the left end of the upper rail into the head without pull beads. (2) Fasten the opened rotatable module and confirm that the roller shutter will not fall or move easily, then the installation is complete. (3) Gently pull down the bead curtain on the front side, and the roller blinds will automatically rise. (4) Pull down the bead curtain on the back side to control the descending of the roller shutter. 
    Note: To retract, you must first turn the roller blinds to be perpendicular to the wall, and then pull them up; if you want to stop halfway or at the end, turn the drawstring 45 degrees to the right, and the entire blind will be automatically fastened.
  • Is there any difference in function between venetian blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds?

    Window blinds should be selected for office decoration. Is there any difference in function between venetian blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds?
    Vertical blinds, roller blinds, and venetian blinds can all be dimmed according to their own requirements.
    Venetian blinds are more flexible in terms of shading, the angle of the blades can be adjusted arbitrarily with the outdoor light, and the indoor natural light can also be changed. This point is similar to the folding blinds.
    The day and night blinds can be freely connected and adjusted in the transparent and opaque conditions.
    The material of roller blinds is light and thin, and the shading performance is not as good as others, but some blackout roller blinds are coated with reflective silver powder on the outward-facing side, which can also play the same role.
    The sound insulation of office curtains is also very important.
    Sound insulation is an important aspect of creating a private environment. Cloth curtains have a very good sound-absorbing effect, and the texture is preferably cotton or linen.
    The thicker the window blinds, the better the sound absorption effect.
    Good quality roller shutters and venetian blinds fit closely with the window and also have a certain sound insulation function. 
    In general, venetian blinds, roller blinds, and vertical blinds are more functional, suitable for use in spaces with special requirements for light and heat, and are in harmony with modern offices that advocate a simple style.
    Window blinds and shades here are no longer just for shading light and wind, but a part of our spiritual life.
  • What are the functions of window blinds and shades?

    The most important functions of window blinds and shades are shading, sheltering from wind and sand, reducing bath noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and UV protection.
    Keep some uncomfortable natural factors out of the door and create a better living environment for yourself.
    In addition to the door, the window is the only bridge in the home that can communicate with the outside world, and it is the entrance of ultraviolet rays and various pollution sources.
    How to effectively prevent pollution from entering the room and give yourself and your family a good living environment, it is very important to choose a curtain that combines function and beauty
    With the improvement of people's living standards, the people's need for curtains has not only regarded curtains as soft accessories, but has put forward higher demands on the functions of blinds and shades. Therefore, the curtains on the market now, from sound insulation, heat insulation, to UV protection, dust protection, and waterproofing, can be said to be fully functional. The types of window blinds also reflect the development of diversification. There are cloth shades, gauze shades, roller blinds, roman blinds and blinds screens, each with its own advantages.
    Therefore, when we choose, we must ask clearly before buying according to our needs.
    The following are the functions and functions of various types of curtains, and where they are applicable
    Fabric curtain: blackout cloth is indispensable
    Fabric curtains are the most common in living rooms and bedrooms. For the convenience of visual effect and use, we often use gauze curtains and cloth curtains together. However, if you are not satisfied with the shading degree of the curtains in the house, don't rush to replace them, just add a layer of shading cloth to the original curtains. The material used in the shading cloth is somewhat similar to an umbrella. Although it is light and thin, a good shading cloth can play an excellent role in heat insulation, sun protection, and UV protection. However, it should be noted that most of the blackout cloths are sewn or pasted together with the fabric curtains, and are rarely independent curtains. Because the shading cloth itself is relatively light and thin, it is inconvenient if it is not pulled along with the curtain, and there is no sagging, which will also affect the shading effect. Because of the multi-layered fabric curtains, it looks stable and elegant, and it is noble. Therefore, it is most suitable for use in the living room and master bedroom.
    Roller shutter: PVC material to block UV rays
    High-quality roller blinds can provide shade, sound insulation, safety and convenience in one.
    It is generally divided into two types: manual and automatic. If necessary, it can also be used in conjunction with a manual lock. As long as you lock it inside, it is difficult to open the curtain from the outside. Unlike cloth curtains, if the connection between the roller shutter and the window is handled properly Well, it can have a good sound insulation effect. Although it cannot achieve 100% sound insulation, it can also solve many problems; from the perspective of sunshade, roller blinds are not as effective as heavy curtains. But if it is a roller blind made of PVC, its UV protection effect is also very good. Under normal circumstances, roller blinds are more suitable for use in bedrooms, especially children's rooms. Because the pattern of the roller shutter is more active, it is not easy to be pulled by children.
  • What are the selection elements of bathroom window blinds and shades?

    The bathroom is the most private place for people, so bathroom blinds and shades not only need to be concealed, but also need to be waterproof.
    So what's the best way to use bathroom blinds and shades?
    What are the purchasing skills of bathroom window coverings?
    The following are the bathroom curtain purchase tips we have sorted out for you, I hope to help you.
    1. PVC Venetian Blinds, Aluminum Venetian Blinds. It not only has the characteristics of waterproof, environmental protection, and anti-corrosion, but also is easy to clean and can fully protect the private space.
    2. Curtains with upper roller blinds or side roller blinds. It has the function of waterproof and is especially suitable for bathroom use, and has the characteristics of various patterns and random sizes.
    3. Use bamboo blinds. It is not only different, but also meets waterproofness. It is convenient to use. It can not only protect privacy when in use, but also can not be used as light and outside scenery when not in use.
    4. Fabric blinds and shades
    Choose a material that is easy to clean
    Look at the quality of the blades of the blinds is the most important, the material of the blades and the sealing effect of the blades determine the quality, and when buying blinds, you need to touch whether the blades are smooth and even, whether the blades will fluff, and the blades of high-quality blinds are all processed in detail It is very good. If the blinds blades made of plastic, wood blocks and bamboo chips have better texture, their service life will be extended. The adjustment rod of the blinds is also an important inspection part. When checking the adjustment rod, first hang the blinds flat and try to pull it to see if the lift switch is smooth, and then turn the adjustment rod to see if the turning of the blade is also flexible and free.
    There are two installation methods: concealed installation and exposed installation when installing the window blinds
    When purchasing, you need to measure the size of the blinds according to different assembly methods.
    1. The length of the blinds installed in the window lattice should be the same as the height of the window, but the width should be 1~2 cm smaller than the left and right sides of the window.
    2. Exposed installation is to hang the blinds outside the window, so the selected blinds need to be wider than the left and right of the window, and longer than the window below the height. In this way, there can be enough area to cover the entire window, and the sealing effect is better when shading.
    Color effect In the process of room decoration, whether it is the choice of furniture, the cut and paste of wallpaper, the decoration of the ground, and the decoration of the rolling curtains, wall blankets and other fragmentary decorations, there will be a color problem. The color effect of the first decorative element will affect the color effect of the entire room
    When looking at the material to buy bathroom roller blinds, you should carefully identify the density of the fabric. Generally speaking, fabrics with higher density are more washable and practical. For some fabrics, such as embroidery, it depends on the level of manufacturing technology of the fabric. For example, if there is no thread on the embroidery, the embroidery with many threads must have poor craftsmanship. In addition, when distinguishing cotton fabrics, it mainly depends on whether the roller blind curtain fabric will have particles. If particles are formed, the quality of the cotton material will be unreliable.
    Look at accessories, generally, the accessories of roller blinds include curtain rods, tracks, curtain heads, laces, curtain hooks, etc. These accessories should not be underestimated. They are related to the long-term use of roller blinds. What are the best bathroom curtains?
    Through the above analysis, we know that it is best to choose blinds or roller blinds for bathroom curtains. Both of them are better for concealment and waterproofing than other curtain materials, and it's up to you how to choose them!
  • What are the types of curtains and their daily functions?

    There are many kinds of curtains, but they can be roughly classified into two categories: finished curtains and fabric curtains.
    Every decorative item in the home has its own purpose and characteristics. For example, home curtains are used for shading, protection and decoration. With the continuous improvement of the quality of modern home life, curtains have become a necessities of home life, so how to choose curtains?
    Let us know about finished curtains and fabric curtains.
    Finished Curtains 
    1. Finished curtains mainly include roller blinds, folding blinds, venetian blinds, etc. There are many styles and patterns, and their uses are also different.
    2. Roller blinds. Roller blinds are curtains that can automatically roll up and down. There are different types of curtain materials. They can filter strong sunlight radiation and transform indoor light problems. Therefore, they are often used in bedrooms and offices.
    3. Folding blinds. It mainly refers to day and night curtains, honeycomb blinds, and foldable blinds. The styles are relatively simple, and the colors are mostly white and gray, which are also commonly used in offices.
    4. Window blinds. Generally, it can be divided into wooden blinds, aluminum blinds and bamboo blinds. Nowadays, aluminum blinds are commonly used, and the metal shape is not easy to be damaged. This kind of window blinds can adjust the light and dark changes of indoor light. 
    In addition to finished curtains, fabric curtains are more popular than fabric curtains
    Fabric curtains are actually curtains made of decorative canvas. The colors and patterns are very beautiful, so many families will prefer fabric curtains.
    1.Printed cloth. Colors, patterns, etc. are printed on plain fabrics. The characteristics of this printed cloth are that the colors are very bright and the patterns are very rich.
    2. yarn-dyed cloth. This kind of curtain is more complicated, that is, the gauze must be classified and dyed first, and then interwoven to form yarn-dyed cloth. However, its advantage is that the color lines are bright and gorgeous, and the three-dimensional effect is very sufficient.
    3. Jacquard printing is the combination of jacquard and printing, the overall shape is more abundant, and the colors are also beautiful.
    4. Fabric. There are many kinds of fabrics for fabric curtains, mainly pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and they have their own advantages. Cotton curtains feel better, hemp fabrics have a strong texture, silk fabrics are noble and gorgeous, and polyester fabrics have bright colors. It is recommended that consumers choose according to their own preferences.
  • How to Clean and Maintain Roman Blinds?

    Roman blinds are of course also washable, but removing the roman blinds for cleaning would be a big project.
    Do it yourself:
    1 Put down all the roman blinds, and first use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the dust on the curtains!
    2. Untie the back rope, and take out the thin iron bar and the lower rail.
    3 Soak in neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes and gently scrub with hands.
    4. Dry the back of the curtain to the outside, in order to avoid fading, do not place it under the sun.
    5. After the curtain is dry, iron it with an electric iron of 80~120 degrees.
    6 After gluing the front of the curtain to the front of the track, put on the thin iron bar and the lower rail, tie the rope on the back, and test whether it can be lifted up and down smoothly.
    Automatic blinds sent to dry cleaning:
    Take the curtains off, take them to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning, and put them back on when you're done!
    Disassembly method: first open the knot below the back of the Roman curtain, then pull out the iron bar inside the Roman curtain, and finally remove the entire curtain from the track.
    Installation method: first paste the curtain on the track, then insert the iron bars respectively, and then put down the rope in the track.Don't put it into the round hole (please make sure to flatten in the bottom part), and then tie a slipknot on the bottom circle.
    You can choose to send it to dry cleaning or wash it yourself according to your own preferences. It is recommended to check whether the fabric will shrink before cleaning!! Because if the Roman curtain shrinks after washing, the iron bars and rails will run out scary~
    In fact, when cleaning, just use a vacuum cleaner or a chicken feather stick to remove the dust on the surface.
    Roman blinds don't need to be cleaned often, as long as you use a vacuum cleaner to keep them clean.