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FAQ Quick Answers To Your Inquiry Questions

  • Can I custom the size, color, logo and package?

    If you are home user, we could based on your window size, customized the zebra blinds size, send us your demand color, our factory will try to match your color.
    If you are retailer or commercial order, the quantity is bigger than MOQ 5000pcs, our factory accept the OEM and ODM order, logo and package will be based on your order inquiry.
  • How To Clean Zebra Blinds?

    Easy care can wipe the dust using a duster or vacuum.
  • Where perfect fit for Zebra Blinds?

    Bay window, french windows is popular choice to install.
  • What Are the Features of Zebra Blinds?

    Easily light control and allow you privacy .When you moved up and down to control light and privacy. You can determine the light coming in even when the blinds are rolled down by aligning the block-out panels with the transparent panels.
    Perfect Heat and UV reduction along with warmth sunshine and a view outdoors. You will find both light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics in zebra blinds.
    Durable quality, Easy to maintain and user friendly.
  • Are They Good for Large Windows?

    Zebra blinds for large windows can be a challenge. But zebra blinds make it easier as their maximum length and width is 10 ft. x 9 ft.
  • Should I Choose a manual chain, motorized or cordless?

    If you have pets or children. We will suggest that cordless zebra blinds or motorized zebra blinds, These are more expensive than manual chain version but are a cost-effective option long-term.
  • What types of Zebra Blinds Drive System?

    Zebra Blinds have three types drive system.
    Motorized blinds system with remote, or motorized with smart automatic Alexa, Google, Wifi.
    Manually operated system is bead chain control.
    Cordless free-stop also spring zebra blinds.
  • What about the Zebra Blinds Shading Effect?

    Light-filtering and room-darkening