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Made To Measure Outdoor Roller Blinds

Made to measure roller blinds for outdoors are useful products for providing exterior shade. The building wall may be made to look more attractive with the help of outdoor motorised roller blinds that are coordinated, tidy and colorful.

What is The Point of Outdoor Blinds?

1.These blinds can be used to control natural light and provide good heat insulation and shade, which lowers the energy used for internal air conditioning.
2.According to a research by the European Sunshade Association (ESSO), using exterior roller blinds that are properly built can lower indoor temperatures by 9°C in the summer, which equates to a 28% reduction in energy us.

Where Can You Use Roller Blinds?


Low-rise office buildings




Convention centers





Both mid-rise and low-rise structures can install these modern outside roller blinds.

Modern Outdoor Blinds Show

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What is Needed for Motorised Outdoor Blinds?

Motorised outdoor roller blinds are used for outdoors, so they must have the following standard features:

Roller Blinds Cover

The material used for roller blind covers is either metal or PVC; the cloth is concealed when the blind is folded to maintain aesthetic appeal and the benefits of dust and water resistance.

Guide Mechanism

The roller blind fabric is made to glide smoothly up and down thanks to the installation of aluminum alloy guide rails on both sides.

Windproof Measures

1. Guide side rails

2. Windproof side chains

3. Windproof locks

4. Windproof air pressure rods

Currently, guiding side rails, windproof side chains, windproof locks, and windproof air pressure rods are the most commonly used mechanical structural components..

Professional Fabrics

The following element should be taken into account while choosing fabrics for outdoor roller blinds:

1. stability of fabric stretch

2. not easy to stick to dust

3. easy to wash

4. fabric Color

- black
- gray
The fabric structure and outer coating ensure that it is not easy to stick to dust and is easy to wash.
On the basis of conforming to the facade style of the wall, the fabric color should be as dark or gray as possible.

High-speed Motor

The high-speed motor can quickly reach the designated position, especially in line with the requirements of windproof and sunshade.

What is The Difference Between Exterior and External Roller Blinds?

Exterior refers to the "outside" relative to the "inside" of an object, like balconies blind, it is an exterior roller blind, because the balcony is a part of your house.

External refers to the "outside" that is separated from or has no relationship with the object. It does not involve the inside of the object, but only describes the outside, like pergola blind, it is an external roller blind, because the pergola is outside of your house.

Best Accessories And Materials for Outdoor Blinds

You may now enjoy softly filtered light entering your home anytime you desire, and you can choose the temperature.
In addition to a vast array of accessories and materials, we provide outdoor blinds for every use, enabling you to choose the ideal style and appearance for your house.
Constructing outdoor rooms and gathering spaces that are suitable for all seasons. We are a commercial-grade blind made for use in both home and business settings.

Exterior Roller Shades - Made To Measure

For covering windows, decks, porches and other outdoor patio buildings, use exterior roller shades. They are an obvious choice for this expansion of window decorations for homes and businesses thanks to solar screen shades.






Made To Measure




Fireproof Fabric

Woven Fibres

Made To Measure


48 – 96″ Wide

Over 96″ Wide

Under 19.7″ Wide

19.7 – 48″ Wide

Made To Measure

The best shading option for outdoor living areas and window exteriors is one of our exterior roller shade systems, which are all made to reduce heat and glare while preserving the view of the outside world.

What are the different types of outdoor roller blinds?

Custom Made Outdoor Roller Blinds are our most adaptable product, with many lock-down options that let you customize your own special space.
Heavy Duty Outdoor Blinds

Heavy Duty Outdoor Blinds

Max Width 5000mm x Max Drop 3000mm

Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds

Max Width 5500mm x Max Drop 3000mm

Zip track outdoor blinds

Zip Track Outdoor Blinds

Max Width 6000mm x Max Drop 3000mm

Custom made outdoor roller blinds are our most adaptable product, with many lock-down options that let you customize your own special space.
Insect repellent Outdoor Blinds

Insect repellent Outdoor Blinds

Custom Made Insect repellent Outdoor Blinds are our most adaptable product, with many lock-down options that let you customize your own special space.

Rainproof Outdoor Blinds

Rainproof Outdoor Blinds

You don't have to worry about pests, wind, or rain to enjoy your outdoor space. We employ top-notch, color-fast weatherproof material.
UV protection Outdoor Blinds

UV Protection Outdoor Blinds

Use this roller blind to add some seclusion to your patio, porch, balcony, or pergola. It is composed of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that has been especially engineered to obstruct sunlight while permitting airflow.
Windproof Outdoor Blinds

Windproof Outdoor Blinds

With two stainless steel wires coated in acrylic behind to prevent the bottom aluminum bars from swaying in the wind, your new light filtering blind is windproof.

Colour Choice Options of Your Outdoor Blinds

Colour Choices Options of Your Outdoor Blinds

Colour Choices 

Powder-Coated to Any Conceivable Colour

What is the best color for outdoor blinds?

See how color may alter the ambiance of your patio by using these suggestions.
Here are some alternatives for colors of oudoor blinds:


Consider using outdoor blinds in muted colors like white, cream, and beige. A neutral color goes well with vibrant furnishings or colorful walls.

Light versus dark

Want to make your patio look bigger? Use light coloured blinds and complement it with your dark walls. Or if you want it to look lovely intimate then use dark colors for your blinds like black to contrast with lighter wall colors.

Warm or cool colors

1. Use warm colors like orange, yellow, and red to make your patio feel cozy. Warm hues give your patio area a stronger, more energetic vibe.
2. Employ cool hues for your blinds and observe the wonderful effect they have during the summer.

Matching colors

1. Your space appears larger with matching white accents. To add some flair to your patio area, consider painting your walls a different color or choosing a new theme.
2. You can also mix and match patio furniture, throw rugs, cushions, and big, colorful plant

What are the different fabrics for outdoor roller blinds?

It might be challenging to decide which of the numerous outdoor blind fabric options will be best for your outdoor space.

The following are a few of the most well-liked options for outdoor blind fabrics:



Among our fabric selection, acrylic is the lightest. With its higher heat and moisture resistance, this fabric is more durable than canvas and has a softer texture for your house. Although acrylic is not see-through like mesh and PVC variants, it will still allow some light to pass through.


One of the earliest types of awning cloth available is canvas. Canvas retains its excellent heat-refracting qualities, making it ideal for window awnings and other locations where intense sunlight is a concern. Given the severe conditions they'll be subjected to, canvas quality is crucial.


For locations where you want to keep your lovely views, Mesh is a fantastic application. You can enjoy the great outdoors.


PVC can eliminate some glare and is perhaps one of the best materials to keep unhindered views of the outside world. Yet, just as with the other fabric options mentioned here, it's crucial to spend money on high-quality PVC.
Acrylic outdoor blinds
Acrylic outdoor blinds
Mesh outdoor roller blinds
Mesh outdoor roller blinds
Outdoor PVC Blinds
Outdoor PVC Blinds
PVC fabric for outdoor blinds
PVC fabric for outdoor blinds
mesh outdoor blinds
Mesh outdoor blinds for pergola
Outdoor Canvas Blinds
Outdoor Canvas Blinds
Acrylic Roller Blinds
Acrylic outdoor roller blinds
Acrylic outdoor blinds for office
Acrylic outdoor blinds for office
blackout outdoor blinds
Blackout PVC outdoor blinds
Airflow and seclusion come together perfectly in today's breathable fabric. It also lets plenty of fresh air into your outdoor space and comes in a variety of densities and opacities.
Outdoor Solution Dyed Acrylics Roller Blinds
Outdoor Solution Dyed Acrylics Roller Blinds
Outdoor Solution Dyed Acrylics Blinds
Outdoor Solution Dyed Acrylics Blinds
Outdoor Olefin Fibre and Polypropylene Roller Blinds
Outdoor Olefin Fibre and Polypropylene Roller Blinds
Outdoor Olefin Fibre and Polypropylene Blinds
Outdoor Olefin Fibre and Polypropylene Blinds
outdoor roller blinds from china
Outdoor Roller Blinds From China
Motorised Outdoor Roller Shades
Motorized Outdoor Roller Shades

Select from a Range of Motorised and Battery Operated Outdoor Roller Shades or Manual

Outdoor Roller Blinds - Motorised and Battery Operated System

5 Benefits:

Simple Design
Operated Remotely
Energy Saving
Interior Control with Motorization
Clean Look
Modern external roller blinds are frequently motorized for greater convenience of use and efficiency.Another name for them is electric roller blinds. It works in nearly every space you might design. Whether you choose from our custom window coverings or motorized outdoor roller blinds, you may add a sophisticated touch to your property.
Motorised blinds
Motorised Blinds for Outdoors

Outdoor Roller Blinds - Manual System

Both cordless and corded roll-up outdoor blinds are part of the manual outdoor roller blind system. A manual crank and spring balance are features of the manual cordless outside rolling shades.They serve as a substitute for motorized blinds.The least expensive outdoor roller blind system is the manual one, and it performs as well to the motorized one.

Outdoor Roller Shades - Crank Gear Operated

It's simple to raise and lower the blinds because of the hand crank mechanism. Roller blinds may be raised or lowered to the precise height that is desired with ease thanks to the crank's precise control.
7 Benefits of Crank Gear Operated:
1. Easy to Open and Close
2. High-Quality Polyester Fabric
3. Reduce Heat in Your House
4. Longer Lifespans
5. Can Be Motorised at A Later Stage
6. High Quality Aluminum Alloy
7. Suffer Less Wear-and-Tear
Manual Crank Gear Operated Outdoor Roller Shades
Manual Crank Gear Operated Outdoor Roller Shades
It may block the majority of damaging radiation and permits good air circulation. Bending and sagging will be avoided thanks to the aluminum front bar and cassette.

The crank handle on the outdoor roller blind adds extra security by preventing unauthorized people from manipulating the coverings. With cable guides or side channels to hold the fabric in place, these blinds attach straight over the exterior of your windows.

Outdoor Roller Shades - Spring Balanced

Our spring-balanced track system makes it simple to move the roll-up blinds up and down and lock them in place at any height that suits your needs.

Outdoor spring balanced shades are made to be simple to use and require little effort. Our smooth, one-handed, self-retracting outdoor roller shades are spring-operated.
Outdoor Spring Balanced blinds
Outdoor Spring Balanced Shades
Track Guided System
Time is saved with outdoor spring-balanced blinds. With ease, adjust the blinds to any height along the track.The track guided system requires no chains, ropes, or pulleys, making it easy to use and safe.

As a result, you can open the outdoor roller blinds in any situation. giving your outdoor blinds more versatility and enabling them to adjust more readily to varying weather conditions.

Spring balance makes blinds lightweight, quick, and simple to operate! With their uniquely crafted track guided systems, you're protected from wind, rain, dust, and insects.

Outdoor Roller Shades - Corded Roll Up

There is a clutch mechanism on the side of the tube when using corded roller blinds. A plastic cover holds the cord in place and keeps it linked. The fabric can be made to roll up or down by gently pulling the string in one direction, which will rotate the tube.
7 Pros:
1. Ventilation
2. Maintenance Free
3. Reduce Blinding Glare
4. Low Price
5. Easy to Replace The Shade Fabric
6. Custom Sizing
7. Easy Installation
These distinct aspects of corded window coverings might assist you in designing the ideal aesthetic for your house. To help you make an informed choice that complements your lifestyle, contact with us, let's examine the benefits of corded blinds in more detail.
corded roll up outdoor blinds
Corded Roll Up Outdoor Blinds
Motorized and Battery Operated Outdoor Roller Shades or Manual
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For shading outdoors, porches, balconies, and terraces, an outside roller blind with a retractable mechanism is the best option. They are more contemporary, have a sleek style, and offer superior performance and technical characteristics when compared to the antiquated arm awnings.