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Exterior Zipper Track Systems for Shades & Blinds

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Width Motorized Sunscreen Outdoor Roller Blinds with Zipper For 2022

Durability, elegance, and reliability unite with these shades & blinds!

TZ exterior zipper track is great for commercial & residential use. This unique motorized shade system is rated for heavy winds & comes in many fabric choices.Looking for blinds that are safe, convenient, stylish and elegant at the same time? Let us introduce you to our motorized zipper blinds that helps in controlling airflow, temperature and light while maintaining the connection between the outdoors. The best part about the zipper blinds are that you can control them with just a touch of a button.

Our zipper blinds can be designed to fit for several purposes be it commercial or residential purposes. The Exterior Zipper Track Shade Systems from TZ Shades & Blinds are some of the most innovative window treatment trends for 2022.

We can customize the intensity of the blinds to match with your existing space and decor. Exterior zipper track system to resist wind speeds up to 65MPH, Zipper Track shades are perfect for both commercial and residential in areas close to the waterfront.

Do give us a call if you have any enquiries, our team experts will assist you in finding the best outdoor shade.TZ Exterior Shade Track systems are rated for 35MPH winds and are ideal for commercial and residential use in inland areas.

In this post, we are going to teach you about the Exterior Zipper Track system from TZ as well as the TZ Exterior Shade Track system and why they are top of the line shade systems.The motorized zipper track roller blinds is based on the ordinary motorized roller blind, and the waterproof cover and the zipper guides on both sides are added.

We love how the shades invite natural light while keeping elements, breezes, and sun glares at bay.The unique zipper guide groove technology effectively combines the fabric and the guide rail into a whole, which prevents the fabric deviation and separation not only ensure the shading performance, but also enhance its windproof.

TZ Outdoor Zipper Track Roller Shades And Blinds System’s Unique Features

Exquisitely engineered, the patented design of the Zipper Track Shade System from TZ features a strong, reinforced zipper down each side to secure the blind to the track.The outdoor motorized zipper track roller blind has a simple and elegant design, which can use waterproof sunscreen fabric or blackout fabric. The fabrics are available in rich colors.

The bottom rail holds the shade tension while a felt buffer at the base compresses against the ground to create a seal against breezes, dust, and bugs.These shades are rated for 65 mph winds which makes them perfect window shades for homes when bad weather rolls in or the wind blows.

The Difference Between Zipper Track Shade /Blinds With Exterior Shade /Blinds Track System

Rated to resist wind speeds more than 35MPH, these shades are the best exterior window coverings for residents in inland areas. Ultra-sonically welded, the innovative design of the Exterior Shade Track system, features double welded corners and durable zippers down each side of the shade for strong tension.

Specialized Functions Of The Outdoor Zipper Track Shade And Blinds Systems

The motorized cassette at the top of the shade neatly rolls the shades up or down, and can easily be controlled both manually or by remote control. The TZ Zipper Track Shading System and the Exterior Shade Track System have weatherproofed motorized window treatments that function both indoors and outdoors.The fabric, while tough and hardy, is lightly opaque to offer privacy. The weave of the shade is crafted to allow in the sunlight while reducing harsh glare.

It can easily be customized to fit your space size and style preferences.The fabric is available in a variety of textures, colors, and widths.

TZ Exterior Zipper Track Systems Have Many Uses!

The outdoor motorized zipper track roller blind are widely used in various types of exterior sunshades, such as villas, schools, office buildings, museums, exhibition halls, home gazebo balcony, etc. The outdoor motorized zipper track roller blind is not only easy to operate, environmental protection and energy saving, easy to clean.These unrivaled shading systems make great window treatment options for both residential and commercial spaces.

Restaurants would benefit from a shaded, enclosed porch created with the shades, providing an extended dining area protected from the elements.This product has many advantages such as windproof, waterproof, flame retardant, heat insulation, Anti-UV, privacy protection, etc. The Zipper Track shades are also perfect for the home. Enclose the backyard porch for indoor-outdoor use no matter the weather.

The screen allows for outside viewing and natural light while keeping elements, breezes, and sun glares at bay.Utilizing the shade system as a garage cover for both commercial and residential garages transforms this space into a playroom or indoor-outdoor workspace.

Learn More About TZ Zipper Track Blinds & Shades.Find the perfect Zipper Track shades or blinds by speaking with our Martina.

Width Motorized Sunscreen Outdoor Roller Blinds with Zipper For 2022

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