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  • Aluminum Pergola Kit
    Aluminum Pergola Kit
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  • Modern Aluminum Pergola
    Modern Aluminum Pergola
    Aluminum pergolas are becoming more and more popular as more individuals decide to update and upscale the appearance of their outdoor spaces. It might be one of those essential components that turns your patio into an opulent and private haven.Contemporary pergolas add a comfortable sitting area to
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  • Aluminum Louvered Pergola
    Aluminum Louvered Pergola
    Adapt to ever-changing weather conditions
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  • Non-adhesive PDLC Film
    Non-adhesive PDLC Film
    The original (standard kind) PDLC film is called non-adhesive PDLC film. Its primary purpose is to be sandwich laminated between two layers of glass to create a switchable PDLC glass product.Liquid crystal polymers sandwiched between two ITO films make up PDLC Film, an electrically switchable film.T
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  • PDLC Smart Glass: What Is It?
    PDLC Smart Glass: What Is It?
    WHAT IS PDLC SMART GLASS?PDLC, an acronym for Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals, offers privacy, security, and energy efficiency. It may be applied as a self-adhesive plastic film on existing glass or integrated into glass goods such as smart windows, displays, and electronics.
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  • Smart Glass For Singapore
    Smart Glass For Singapore
    As a global leader in the development and manufacturing of smart glass technology, Taizhou has become the go-to choice for Singaporean architects and interior designers. In only a few seconds, Smart Glass may go from being clear to various degrees of opaqueness with a single button click or hand ges
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