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How To Keep House Warm With Curtains And Sunrooms In Winter

The important role of curtains and sunroom are to block the outside world and maintain the privacy of the room. At the same time, it is also an indispensable decoration. In winter, draw the curtains to separate the indoor and outdoor, and enhance the warmth of the house. It can not only reduce light and shading to meet the needs of different compressive strengths of light, but also can resist wind, remove ash, heat insulation, prevent cold and keep warm, reduce noise, and improve the climate and environment of the room. And the sunroom itself has no heating demand. It is a buffer for heat dissipation, which is extremely beneficial to balance the heat gain and loss of the entire building.Therefore, the proper integration of decorative art and functionality is the biggest feature of contemporary curtains and sunrooms.
In winter, the temperature drops sharply, and the temperature of the house also decreases, so it is very necessary to set up thermal equipment. How to perfect the interior thermal design? There are many ways. For example, change the interior decoration style, change its seat material, and pay attention to open doors and windows for ventilation, so that sunlight can enter the room. Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, European society has been mired in the energy crisis. Under the pressure of energy, leaders of many European countries have held several meetings to discuss countermeasures. On October 7, 2022, an informal meeting of EU leaders was held. The participating leaders discussed energy issues, but did not reach any concrete results. Energy prices continue to soar, making European residents feel the plight of the upcoming severe winter. After experiencing the "hottest summer", it may face a "most expensive winter". Below we will introduce the thermal design of houses for customers in Europe and the United States, hoping to help everyone!
It is very necessary to keep the house warm in winter. The following is an introduction to the design method of keeping warm in winter.
Change the interior decoration style
For visual warmth, in winter, fabric furniture can be used to replace solid wood or iron rattan furniture, or wooden seats are packed with fabric materials, and the stone and tile floors in the living room and bedroom are carpeted, and lighting equipment is also the best. Replaced with warm light sources, hung tapestries on the walls and replaced them with heavy-textured, dark-colored curtains.
Let the sun shine directly into the house
In winter, the degree of indoor air pollution is several times more serious than that of outdoor. Attention should be paid to open doors and windows for ventilation to clean the air and refresh the brain. On sunny days, it is best to pull up the curtains or open the windows to let the sun shine directly into the house, which not only keeps the indoor air circulating, but also increases the indoor temperature.
Dress the glass
The thermal conductivity of glass is large, and a lot of heat is transmitted to the outside through the glass and is wasted. If the transparent clear pvc blinds are nailed to the outdoor window frame while sealing the window seam, then the addition of a new air insulation layer will not only make the room dark, but also increase the room temperature by 3-5 °C.

Thicker curtains on windows or sliding doors

Different from the light and thin gauze curtains in summer, the curtains in autumn and winter can not only play the role of adjusting the light, but also have the effect of blocking the wind and sealing a set of thick and extra-long curtains.
South-facing windows are full of sunlight, and there are many choices in winter, while north-facing rooms are often cold and gray. In winter, you must choose carefully. The color is mainly dark and warm, and the material can be cotton or flannel. The warm material, in addition to the heat insulation effect, also has a certain dustproof and sound insulation effect.

Use sunroom to keep house warm or cool

The sunroom itself is insulated, and the sunroom without heating facilities is expanded on the basis of the original building and is equivalent to the original building being independent. The sunroom itself has no heating demand. It is a buffer for heat dissipation, which is extremely beneficial to balance the heat gain and loss of the entire building. For those with heating facilities in the sunroom, it may or may not need to be connected to the original building. It can increase the building area and serve as a part of the curtain wall or an external hut. The indoor temperature is relatively comfortable for the human body.
The sunroom is mainly close to the sun, it connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, so it should not only be in natural harmony with the outdoor space, but also in line with the overall style of the living room, so as to achieve a transitional effect. The sunroom is not only a place to relax and rest, but also the best meeting and leisure area.

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