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Bathroom Venetian Blinds

The bathroom Venetian blinds is a highly functional area of the home. Safety and excellent hygiene levels are vital in this space, and along with the suite, storage and light fixtures, well-fitting and effective window dressings are of high importance. Our factory recommend waterproof venetian blinds for bathroom blinds

Product Description

Bathroom Venetian Blinds

Blinds Item

Bathroom Venetian Blinds

Shape Style

S Shape/L Shape

Blinds Type

Venetian Blinds



Sheet Size

Wide Blade

Slat size

25mm, 35mm (Hot Selling)


Others Size Can Be Custom






More Than 20 Colors


Matte, Glossy, Frosted



Control Type

Chain/Cord Lock/Wand

Function way


Installation Type


Built-in, Exterior Installation, Side Installation, Ceiling Installation

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a soft cloth

Commercial Buyer

Restaurants, Department Stores, Specialty Stores, Super Markets, Hotels, Discount Stores, E-commerce Stores

Room Space

Kitchen, Patio, Bathroom, Dining Room, Indoor and Outdoor, Office, Laundry Room

Control System

Manual Venetian Blinds

Electric Venetian Blinds System


Interior Sun-Protection


Aluminium vertical blinds for bathroom Venetian blinds never go out of fashion as a brilliant blind choice for bathrooms. Easy to clean, water will just run off the water repellent slats. They're available in almost every shade for a pop of colour – so super stylish too. Venetian blinds suit small and large windows alike.


Aluminum or PVC? Which material is best suitable for bathroom?

Residual water from hot showers can pool on your Venetian slat, so timber is generally not the best option: it's moisture absorbent and that can cause the slats to buckle. A nice durable material will handle the heat and make cleaning easy. We recommend: Aluminum or PVC.


Versatility is a key feature of this bathroom venetian blinds since it allows the user to control how much light is allowed in a room. When completely open, you can allow quite a bit of light in. However, when you close the 2-inch smooth finish slats you are able to create a private setting where no one can see through the slats. The flexibility, classic style, easy to clean, and cordless feature makes this faux wood desired in a child or pet friendly environment. This can literally hang in a den or in a child's bedroom.