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Electric Battery Cordless Triple Shangri La Blind


Product Description

Details of Electric Battery Cordless Triple Shangri la Blind


100% Polyester Fabric

Head Track

Aluminum Head Track/Fabric Insert

Bottom Rail

Aluminum Head Track/Fabric Warp

Control System

Chain Manula/Battery/Electric Motor/Cordless



Supply Ability

100000 Square Meters per Month

Quick Shipping

Cooperate with DHL&FEDEX/TNT directly 3-7 days


Shrink wrap bag-Clear plastic wrap box-Carton box



Freely  light flitting and breathable/Easy control


24 -Hour Online

 Electric Battery Cordless Triple Shangri la Blind

The main features of Electric Battery Cordless Triple Shangri la Blind

1 Cordless, novelty and safety design for your window

2 Quiet design with patent

3 Able to charge the motor via the switch wand, easy and convenient.

4 Low-power dissipation design, rechargeable battery built in .

5 The wand length can be customized.

What is shangri-la blinds?

The translucent sheer fabric vanes of shangri-la sheer window shadings can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you want. And unlike any other window shading available, shangri-la window shades can be raised with the vanes still open. Sheer Shades gently soften the incoming sun. The shangri-la fabric vanes are suspended between dual sheer layers, and tilt to adjust privacy, control light and minimize UV damage to interior furnishings. The exclusive hardware system does what no other sheer hardware can – raise the fabric up with the vanes open – while allowing for a wide range of shading variations. Enjoy the view with cord loop, radio frequency motorization.

Electric Cordless Shangri la Blind

Motor Option For The Shangrila Blinds

 1. Radio Frequency eliminates the need to point or aim the remote at a window covering or group of coverings to raise or lower the shades. Simplicity Motorization and Integrated Rechargeable Motorization is simple and straight forward with hand-held remote or wall mount remote.

2.Battery Rechargeable Motorization: Simplicity Shadings can be powered by a discrete and easy to use custom rechargeable battery pack. Simplicity Shadings can be operated for up to a half of year on a single charge. And, you can recharge the batteries up to 500 times! Simply plug the charger into the charging port on the shading and plug into a standard household outlet to recharge overnight. Also you could buy a solar panel to connect with the battery motor then you don’t need to charge any more.


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