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Roller Blind Motor Kit

Provide roller blind motor kit, diy made motorized blinds by yourself.
Tube, brackets, tubular motor, remote control or other control system.
Blinds motor brand including dooya, somfy, tuya and A-OK tubular motor.

Product Description

Roller Blind Motor Kit - Tubular Motor, Remote Control, Tube, Blinds Compontens

Item Roller Blind Motor Kit

Tubular Motor Band

Dooya, Somfy, Tuya, A-OK
Tubular Motor Diameter 25mm, 35mm
Tube Material Alumium
Alumium Tube Diameter 38mm
Remote Control Based on your motor brand and channel way needs

Motor Tube Diameter

Rated Voltage 110V-220v
Rated Current 0.43A
Rated Power 98W
Motor Weight 1.4KG


Blinds Compontens Brackets, Clutches, Stoppers
DIY Motorized Roller Blinds

Specially for Roller Blinds, Zebra Blinds, Home Use

Control Blinds/shades/curtain, Intelligent Curtain
Warranty 5 Years

remote control for motorized blinds

Stopper for roller blinds accessiores

remote control with dooya motor

How To Choose Tubular Motor Model & Tubular Motor Brand?

Various of tubular motor brand and their model no. you will must meet how to choose for your blinds this problem.

First, if you wanna diy motorized blinds, give us your blinds aliumium tube diamater, meansure your blinds size.

If don't know how to solve this project, send us clearly photo, let us sales manger help you.

As below will share hot selling tubular motor model:

DM35R Wire 10/17 110V/240V Built in Tubular Window Roller Blinds Motor for Diameter 50mm Big Blinds Tube, it is compatible with Alexa, Google Home smart system.

DM25LEU Motor mainly applied to indoor small roller blinds, pleated blinds, honeycomb screens and the shading blinds of car, bus, yacht, ship, etc.

For the Tubular Motor Brand, we will suggest that our customer based on the motor specification choose their need!

Hot Selling Tubular Motor Brand; Dooya Tubular Motor, Somfy Tubular Motor, A-OKTubular Motor.

Battery Powered Motor

How To Choose Wired Motor or Wireless Motor?

Wired tubular motors have the benefit of never needing to be charged, so are generally the preference for new builds or where there is scope to provide wiring before the blinds are installed.

Wireless tubular motor, (also called battery powerd motor) no electrician required, simple DIY retrofit from clutch operated blinds, Retrofit installations where wiring to a power source is not possible.

wired motor and wireless tubular motor

wireless tubular motor

AC 100-240V Wired Tubular Motor

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