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Spring Roll Up Outdoor Roller Blinds for Balcony

Custom made to spring roll up outdoor roller blinds for balcony, provides various color and size can be based on your balcony needs.
Not only for outdoor areas, but also nice for indoor. Blinds perfect for shading patios, gardens, yards, swimming pools, cafe, office, etc.

Product Description

Manufacture Spring Roll Up Outdoor Roller Blinds for Balcony 

Operating systerm

Spring Drive System
Decor Type Window Treament

Fabric detail

1%,3%,5%,8%,12% openness , we have many different color for you to choose.

Fabric material PVC + polyeater, fiberglass + PVC

Frame color

White , beige , gray, linen, brown etc
Light Control UV Blocking
Cordless/Corded Cordless


Customized size


1 square meter


Cooler the Weather

Easy to Maintain

Multiple Option

Energy Saving

Child Safety

Smooth Lifting

Production time

within 10-15 days, also depending on the quantity of goods.

Roller Blind Kit Spring Loaded Mechanism

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How To Operated Spring Tension Roller Blinds?

Manually operated, spring-loaded system mean cordless design. The spring tension roller blinds with a spring-loaded roller and aluminium side channels, they glide smoothly and stay in any position you choose, one-handed, self-retracting operation. Custom made to fit your individual space, they blend in with their surroundings and can be retracted out of the way when not required. Easy to operate, cordless design that eliminates hassles and possible tangles, providing a safe place for children or pets.

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Why Are Outdoor Roller Blinds So Wind-resistant?

  • Outdoor roller blinds with aluminum frame, good integrity, stability, not leaking light.

  • Ordinary roller blinds haven't frame, easily move casually, cannot be fully shading.

Why Are Outdoor Roller Blinds So Wind-resistant?

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