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Vinyl Light Filtering Roller Shades Fabric

Light Filtering White Roller Shade is a customizable, light filtering roller shade perfect for any window in the home or office. Made of soft vinyl light filtering roller shades fabric.

Product Description

Our Vinyl Light Filtering Roller Shades Fabric,the smooth, sleek look of these well-made light-blocking shades impress undoubtedly, though quality construction and wonders belies their budget-friendly price. 

1.Vinyl Light Filtering Fabric Roller Shades Fabric is a four-ply fabric consisting of a piece of polyester scrim laminated between three sheets of polyvinyl film (PVC).  

2.Scrim is loosely woven material which made out of polyester. 

3.As the material is put through the laminator, it is also embossed.  

4.An embossing is the surface texture. The most common embossings are matte, taffeta, and polish.  Our Vinyl Light Filtering fabrics usually have a matte finish for smoothness.  The material is rolled onto a cardboard core. 

5.The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films were complemented by polyurethane films and coatings. The width of Vinyl Light Filtering fabric and color can be customized according to customers’ requirement. We can produce both hot and cold laminated roller shade fabric, for its good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength and develop all kinds of durable roller shade fabric for different applications.

Vinyl Light Filtering Roller Shades Fabric

Fabric Item

Vinyl Light Filtering Roller Shades Fabric

Fabric Material

Soft Vinyl


Flat Plate



Shading Effect

Light Filtering

Design Style



Customized as your widow


waterproof, sunblock,

Tear-Resistant, Heat-Insulation

Applicable Window Type

Oriel Window, French Window

Room Space

Room Space:

Countertop, Kitchen, Patio, Closet, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room

 Roller Shades Fabric

When you meet finished window covering ....

Lift Style


Cordless Lift


Kid Friendly



Cord Loop Free

Lift Cord Location

Motorization Remote Control

Roll Position


Standard Roll

Reverse Roll

Head Rail


Exposed Roll

Cassette With Fabric Insert

Style. The elegant design of coated roller blinds adapts perfectly to modern or traditional interiors, which adds to the beauty of each design. This fabric can be made to room darkening roller blinds/blackout roller blinds.

Roller Shades Fabric

Color. Use bright and solid colors to make bold statements, choose to add subtle character patterns or choose any color coated roller blind fabric. Any customized color is available.


Light control. vinyl light filtering roller shades fabric in vinyl, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout roller shades, meaning you can choose the light level that suits your room best. And because they’re so simple to operate, window blackout roller blinds fabric makes everyday light control as easy as a flick of the wrist.

Roller Shades Fabric

Select from a multitude of mounting brackets (sold separately) to customize between function, style, and installation

Roller Shades Fabric

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