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Balcony Shade Ideas – 3 Ways To Protect Your Space From The Harsh Sun

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Balcony Shade Ideas – 3 Ways To Protect Your Space From The Harsh Sun

From simple roller blinds to innovative awning solutions, there are plenty of ways to keep your balcony cool in hot weather.

We all love gathering and chatting on our balconies, but too much sunlight can be harmful to our furniture, pets and some plants. Effective balcony shading solutions can make ensure we can enjoy our outdoor time happily .

Sunshade ideas on the balcony have 3 functions

1. Protect your space from sunlight

2. Windproof and rainproof

3. Give you privacy from prying eyes

Which idea you choose depends largely on your preferred style, views of the outdoors, budget and the size and structure of your balcony.

Keep the sunlight soft with 3 balcony shade ideas from China

Choose the right shading solution, and you'll choose a design that provides protection from the sun, protection from wind and rain, and provides extra privacy for your living.

1. Install external roller blinds on the balcony

roller binds for Balcony

If your balcony has a ceiling and front or side sunlight is an issue, outdoor roller blinds are a great solution. "The terrace is an extension of the house and should adopt the same design principles as the house. In terms of color selection of roller shutters, try to choose a color that matches the house." Matina said

Manual, electric, rocker operation modes

These high-quality, modern shades block UV rays, provide a thermal barrier and add extra privacy. The lampshade retracts when not in use and supports a stylish aesthetic.

2. Install balcony awnings

modern awnings

Awnings are a modern and innovative shading products

"They are fully automatic and can expand the shading space, extending your living space to the outdoors," said Martina. “They can be used year-round to provide you with shade from the sun, wind and rain. Not only do awnings protect you, the awning’s shade also keeps adjacent indoor rooms cooler and helps reduce indoor glare.

Want to explore more about our modern awnings?

Then you not only need to consider appearance and size, but also the operating system. Whether it's a front porch awning or a balcony awning, most high-quality awnings are fully electric, so they can be opened and closed with the push of a button from a remote control. Of course, you can also choose to operate it manually with the joystick and enjoy the process of opening it.

3. Upgrade to a smart awnings

smart awning

Want to take your balcony awnings to the next modern level?

Thanks to advanced technology, these sunshades not only provide protection from the sun and rain, but are constantly improving with new technical features.

The latest balcony awning technology advancements include:

1. Sunlight sensor

Smart sunlight sensors automatically open the awning when the sun appears.

2. Wind sensor

Wired or wireless, these clever pieces of kit detect vibrations as signs of changing weather conditions and automatically close your shade to protect it from possible damage.

3. Integrated lighting

These outdoor lighting options include LED strips, spotlights and colored lighting that can be programmed to dim, fade and cycle through ambient colors.

4. Heating

The compact and concealed heating element can be mounted on the mounting rod. Using infrared shortwave technology, they heat efficiently and cost-effectively.

5. Play music

With the latest Bluetooth technology and built-in high-tech speakers, you can enjoy your home while listening to music and drinking coffee.

6. Programmable timer

Set the opening and closing time of the awning so that the awning opens and closes at designated times, enhancing the technological feel of the entire house.

7. Voice control

Can be connected to the mobile smart center and operated via voice commands.

Adding your favorite shade elements to your balcony can keep you cool, protect you from harmful sunlight and provide protection from wind and rain.

No matter which solution you choose, a cool, shady outdoor spot is worth making the right choice. Contact our experts now