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Blackout Cellular Shade Honeycomb Blinds

Fast Specification:
1. Resistant to sagging and fading .
2.Light filtering with privacy.
3.Easy to open and close,enhances the ambiance of every room.
4.Cellular pleats insulates room all year long.
5. Manufacturer with more than 25 year experience
6. Customize designs welcome
7. BV, UKAS, SGS for quality

Product Description

Blackout cellular shade honeycomb blinds factory

Product Name:

Blackout cellular shade honeycomb blinds

Could be Motorized:



100% Polyester

Finished Width:



Dimming Conveniently


Could be Customized



Open Method:

Upper Open


White,Beige,Grey,Brown,Black,Blue,Yellow,Green,Orange,Pink and so on.

Applied to:

Home,School,Hotels,Villas,Offices,Buildings,Entertainment and so on.

Blackout cellular shade honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb Blinds/Cellular Shades

1.High-strength polyester fiber fabric, hexagonal honeycomb structure, honeycomb sizes are 25mm, 38mm and 45mm, 3 kinds of different size.

2.The unique honeycomb hollow layer design has the function of heat insulation and sound insulation, which helps to maintain the constant temperature in the room, achieve good energy saving effects, and keep the room warm and peaceful. 

3.The fabric has two kinds of material. Semi-blackout and blackout. The blackout fabric is coated with aluminum foil, and the shading rate is 100%. 4.The semi blackout fabric can provide soft light. By adjusting the opening and closing position, it can meet various requirements for light transmission effects.


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