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Cellular Shades Blackout

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Cellular Shades Blackout

Cellular Shades Blackout, 100% BLACKOUT & UV REJECTION- The thermal aluminum foil lining in the cell blocks 100% harmful UV rays and light, protect your home furniture from overheating and UV rays.Blackout cellular shades are the ideal window covering for anyone that wants the insulation provided by cell shades while also blocking natural light. Whether you work an evening shift and sleep during the day or have an infant's room that you would prefer to keep dark, blackout cellular shades keep the sun away so that everyone at home can get more sleep.


Cellular shades fabric blocks unwanted views from outside and no one can see in, ensuring that your private space is well protected.

Honeycomb structure provides insulation by trapping air in the cells of the shade, creating comfortable indoor temperatures, insulating your home against heat and cold, meaning less money will be spent on energy.

The cordless lift system makes these cellular shades very safe for home with child or pets, no visible cords. Also, cordless lift system makes them very easy to pull down and up.

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