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Skylight Covers

1.The TZ Skylight Blackout Shades come with room darkening fabric for light control from skylight windows. Our window shades for skylights are made with honeycomb fabrics that insulate to lower energy bills and protect furniture and carpets from harmful uv rays.
2.Each TZ Skylight Blackout Shades is operational and can raise and lower within the skylight window.

Product Description

DIY Skylight Covers

When you have windows in your home or office, you may lack the privacy you’re seeking when you spend time in the setting. The clear glass can allow too much light to come through, making the space too warm. use skylight covers will be OK.

Skylight Covers BLACKOUT MATERIAL:Cellular skylight covers are made of 0.55" single cell blackout honeycomb fabrics with aluminum foil, which can 100% block sunlight. All honeycomb fabrics have a white backing to reflect even more daylight and provides a uniform appearance from the outside. Both sides can be installed.

Skylight Covers ENERGY SAVING: Unique honeycomb construction offers sound absorption, while also reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and providing ideal insulation for energy efficiency. These cell shades feature air-trapping honeycomb cells that repel summer heat and winter cold alike for year-round comfort and style.

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Skylight Covers

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