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Roman Shades

1. The Roman Shades price is for 1 square meter price (freight not included), not for 1 piece in any sizes.
2. We do customized size. Please send us your customized size( width x height ) to get a quote.
3. How to calculate square meter? --- width(m) x height (m) = square meter e.g width 1.5 m ,height 2.0 m, 1.5 m x 2.0 m = 3 square meters 1 inch = 0.0254 m,
0.0254*width(inch)*0.0254*height(inch)= square meters
4. How to calculate Roman Shades price? ---Width (m) x Height (m) x Quantity x Unit price (per square meter) + Freight. Since the different size weight is different too. So please contact us to confirm the shipping cost before place an order. Thanks for your cooperation
5.If any other Roman Shades questions please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24hours.

Product Description

Manufacture Roman Shades Your Window Decor

This Roman shades creates a natural look and feel.a room darkening effect with roman shades , for enhanced privacy. it easy to open and close the window shade throughout the day, while the detachable fabric face allows for easier assembly and cleaning by lightly shaking or dusting. Ready to install Roman shades right out of the packaging, this Roman shade can be hung inside or above the window pane allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home decor.Roman shades length and width options to suit multiple standard window sizes; Each Roman shade is sold as a single and comes with a printed instructional guide as well as an instructional video available on site.

You will really like these Roman shades and it is easily they roll up. They also seem to really help keeping some of the cold, Winter air out. 

Images for roman shadesImages for roman shades

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