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Dual Roller Shade

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Dual Roller Shade

Blackout and transparent fabrics rolled into one shade? Impossible to believe, isn't it?

When it comes to privacy and light, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Our double roller blinds are made up of per-picked combos featuring stylish blackout roller fabrics accompanied by sheer Sunscreen. Keep out the light with blackout, enjoy the view with a screen. All using one easy mechanism.

With the dual roller shades, it's definitely possible. Fierce protection from damaging UV rays, light filtering on demand, and the ultimate privacy make dual shades an excellent addition to your home. At TaiZhou WindowCovering, we carry a vast selection of Dual Shades in dozens of fabrics and custom sizes, each with their own strengths. They are perfect for city apartments, country cottages, conference halls, restaurants, professional buildings and everything in between. Made from two fabrics, our double roller shades give you light when you want it and protection when you need it. Best of all, our window coverings are also exquisitely crafted and designed, which means your windows will perform better — and look better, too.



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