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How to choose Roller Blinds for School?

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How to choose Roller Blinds for School?

Window Blinds should be part of every school classroom. 

Choosing the most suitable type of blinds for each classroom is not always easy. 

curtains for school

There are so many different types, shapes and colours of blinds nowadays, that opting for the more appropriate one needs some guidance and thorough research. Maximum efficiency and safety, along with high productivity and good design are the most important factors schools should take into account in order to find the best blind on the market. Here is a thorough guide on the best type of blinds for school.

When it comes to curtains, what many consumers think is curtains. Now many school classrooms still use curtains. Although curtains are the mainstream of curtains, they are definitely not suitable for use in school classrooms. It is a public place. If you use the windows curtains, it will not only get dirty but also occupy the classroom space. However, it is very good to choose a semi-shielding roller curtain.

The biggest feature of the roller blinds:

1. The roller blinds retract freely. It can be divided into: man-made fiber roller blinds, wood burning roller blinds, bamboo roller blinds. Among them, man-made fiber roller blinds are woven with a special process, which can exceed strong sunlight, improve the quality of indoor light, and have anti-static and fire-resistant effects.

2. Polyester fabric has good resistance to various chemicals. Acid and alkali are not very harmful to it, and they are not afraid of molds and insects.

3. Tear resistance, no need for reinforcement, natural tear resistance, significant wind resistance and mechanical properties that can withstand frequent use.

4. The roller shade is simple, generous, with more designs and colors, and is easy to use; in addition, it can also be shaded, breathable, and fireproof. It is also convenient to remove and clean after a period of use. There is a roller box on the window, which can be pulled down when using it. can.

It is more suitable for installation in study rooms, rooms with computers and offices. People who like quiet and conciseness are suitable to use roller blinds. Roller blinds have better shading effect in western-style rooms.

Roller blinds are single-color, colorful, and there is also a curtain with a whole pattern.

Roller blinds are generally difficult to disassemble and can be cleaned directly with detergent. When cleaning, pay special attention to the places around the roller shutter that are easier to absorb dust. If the dust is heavy, use a soft brush to remove the dust, and wipe it with clean water.

And install a half-roller curtain in the classroom when it is exposed to the sun, which can be put down to block the sunlight and not the light. How can it save the cost of turning on the lights and be environmentally friendly? When not in use, it can be completely It does not take up any space when it is put up, it is dirt-resistant and easy to clean.


Both roller blinds and venetian blinds are good choices of blinds for schools. They combine functionality and high-performance with elegance and customizable designs. Their main difference lies in their durability and as it seems, roller blinds are better in that field. 

In each case, schools should take into account the safety of children and the easiness of functionality when they choose to set up some new blinds. After all, the curious little hands of students can lead them to unfortunate situations if something possibly dangerous comes in their way. 


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