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Solar Roller Shades

1.Solar roller shades protect furniture from damaging UV rays, they reducing glare and diffusing sunlight , for keeping your home at the perfect temperature. 2.Whether you are looking for sunlight-filtering or room-darkening blackout roller shades, the classic solar roller shade is simple, effective, and economical.

Product Description

Solar Roller Shades Features:

1.Solar roller shades block UV Rays, but not your view.They are modern windows cover of roller shades , also have electric windows shades.


They can Block up to 90% of UV rays while keeping your outside view. These solar roller shades guard your home's interior and reduce glare.


2.The solar roller shades can reduce energy costs


Solar roller shades or electric solar roller shades , they increase your home's energy efficiency in both warm and cold months, to give you a lower energy bill year-round.

3.Easy Upkeep of solar roller shades


These simple solar roller shades are easy to clean, operate, and maintain. They're ideal for your home, retail, or your office .


4.Beautiful style for your home


They get a trendy, modern look . Solar shades can match any home decor.

5.Today's windows cover shades or solar shades designed to keep the sunlight out or let it in!


Available in various fabrics,solar shades are versatile enough to be used in any room area ,they ranging from a formal living space to a commercial area.


These solar roller shades designed to help control the amount of light you want to allow in the room.


The solar shades can also be customized for homes,that with kids or pets with the cordless control option.

Is your furniture looking a bit faded and worn from exposure to the sun?


TZ solar roller shades provide excellent protection from the sunlight while preserving your view. Our solar roller shades cut the glare which makes them ideal for media rooms, studies, or any sun-facing room where sun control is desired. Looking for more privacy, try out blackout shades.

Images for Solar Roller Shades

Solar Roller Shades