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Sliding Panel Window Coverings

1.I know what I want on my sliding door, what sliding panel window coverings good for my sliding door?
2.In the windows coverings industry, Yes,we hear this question a lot.But sliding panel window coverings are good for large expanses, whether sliding doors, French doors, large windows, or large openings between rooms can be a good choice to cover, especially when you trying to coordinate with the coverings on your windows.

Product Description

Our modern sliding panel track blinds and shades are the modern alternatives to vertical blinds for sliding glass doors.

Previously only window vertical blinds and beautiful draperies were used to decorate the sliding glass doors but nowadays for a change or new look, people go for our TZ panel track blinds as well.

Basically, they come from 2 to 6 panel tracks and each of the panels comes with an aluminum rail .

These panel track blinds are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and different opaqueness.

Different opaqueness means they come in sheer fabric, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabric depending on the privacy level. 

Through sheer fabric, you can have a better outside view and at the same time moderate privacy also. Blackout fabric will block out all the harmful rays and when closed completely, they will provide total privacy. 

They are also responsible for insulation and for reducing glare.

How do Sliding Panels window coverings work?


1.Inspired by the sliding panels shades of the Orient, when closed, these panel tracks shades,they span doors or large expanses to create privacy and control the sunlight.


2.When they opened or pushed back, the sliding panels shades overlap, stacking on one or both sides, to provide an unobstructed view and access to the doors , or room opening.

The fabric panels on sliding panels and panel tracks can be easily changed?


Yes,allowing you the option of seasonal decor. It’s easy to pull off light fabric panels, roll them up for the season, and hang heavier, insulating panels for the winter.Sliding panel window coverings make your home more beautiful.


What is the difference between sliding panels window coverings and solar shades?

1.Sliding panels are often used in conjunction with other windows coverings.


2.For example, you may decide to install solar shades that can be lowered during the day to control heat and glare, but because solar shades don’t provide any privacy you can install  sliding panel over the solar shades.


Then, just close the sliding panels at night or when out of home for added security and privacy.


Could sliding Panels window coverings be used in your office?

1.Sliding panels window coverings are also make great office or room dividers. They can provide privacy in a studio apartment,or in your office. Sliding panels window coverings are also great for open concept houses.


2.When sliding panels shades used in a combination dining , or living room area, the panels shades can be closed to give the room an intimate feel, or they can be opened to expand a space,when you  during large gatherings. 

The fabric choices for sliding panels shade is almost unlimited?


Yes.There is an abundance of options: a semi-sheer will add interest to a room by diffusing the view; an opaque fabric will provide complete privacy. To see examples and learn more about sliding panels or panel tracks.

Images for Sliding Panel Window Coverings

Sliding Panel Window Coverings