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Window Coverings for Patio Sliding Doors

1.window coverings are a versatile and functional option for covering patio sliding doors
2.TZ windows cover factory offers an extensive and stylish selection of handcrafted windows blinds, including vertical windows blinds, and panel track windows blinds or motorized window coverings for patio sliding doors.

Product Description

Our Modern Window Coverings for Patio Sliding Doors are also suit a variety of home interiors from large living rooms and kitchens to small offices and bedrooms. With the fabric rolling around a motorised tube, the operation is super smooth and the blinds hang beautifully balanced every time, covering the window pane perfectly. Plus, when rolled open, the roller blind fabric is hidden away in a smart fascia and automatic timer settings help you to keep your home feeling comfortable and secure with ease.

Window coverings for Patio Sliding Doors Including:


1.Vertical Blinds: Custom vertical blinds for patio sliding doors are yet another option to consider for your patio.


Meticulously handcrafted, our window coverings for patio sliding doors offer durability to withstand everyday use.


Window coverings for patio sliding doors are also offer a sleek alternative to drapery.

2.Panel Track Blinds: An incredible update to standard vertical blinds, TZ Panel Track Blinds are ideal option for patio sliding doors blinds.These window coverings for patio sliding doors are really nice.


TZ Panel Track Blinds slide effortlessly along your choice of a White or Silver track. You can also choose the motorized window coverings for patio sliding doors.


Panel Track Blinds can be mounted on the ceiling, inside the sliding door frame (inside mount blinds have minimum depth requirements), or outside the frame.


With many colors and a variety of privacy levels, window coverings for patio sliding doors,Panel Track Blinds are a great option.

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Window Coverings for Patio Sliding Doors

Electirc Window Coverings Advantage:

Cordless roller blinds 

Our cordless nature of electric blinds makes them an excellent choice for homes with small children or pets; never worry about the danger of hanging cords again! Plus, when the electric blinds are retracted, they are completely out of the way, allowing you to open and close your patio doors without any hassle or the risk of damaging the fabric.

Battery Powered

Our motorised blinds for sliding doors can be powered using batteries for a simple to use wireless system. This is really useful for homes that do not have a power source located close to the patio doors. Battery operated blinds are very efficient and the batteries can last many years with normal use.

Simple Installation

Motorised blinds are simple to fit. Our expert electric blinds installation team take care of all of the measurements and make sure your new electric blinds look fantastic and work perfectly. Furthermore, if you are having new sliding doors fitted as part of a renovation or new build, we have plenty of experience working with onsite contractors to install concealment pockets and power sources.

Find Out More

Overall, electric blinds for sliding patio doors offer a modern and simple solution to create privacy, reduce glare and control the temperature in your home. Completely wireless and custom made to fit, with a vast selection of fabric weights and colours, our electric blinds will look stunning in any room.

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