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Round Windows Cover

Round windows cover introduction:
Color Grey/Aluminum Silver
Material Polyester Aluminum
Brand TZ windows cover
Mounting Type Inside Mount
Room Type Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room
With this round windows cover, it can filter the bright light and provide a privacy, pleasant environment in your room and protect your furniture and floor from the UV ray.

Product Description

Round Windows Cover Description:

1.Complement your hard-to-fit perfect arch windows (where height is half the width) with light-blocking shades, these shades completely block out light, eliminate glare, and give you better light control. No tools needed for installation. 

2.Just trim at home for a perfect fit inside the window, then peel and place for permanent installation - no drills, screws, or brackets needed.

3.Install Time: 6 - 8 Minutes

We Recommend:

1.These shades work well for media rooms or bedrooms, where ultimate light blocking is desired.

Child Safety Information:

2.This product does not have accessible cords, and therefore is safer for places where children or pets may be present.

Light blocking round windows cover - Made of thick polyester fabric, this shade can block out heat, sunlight, and UV rays while enjoying privacy and light control.


Get a custom fit and finish for a fraction of the cost with TZ round windows cover .


Designed for perfect half-rounded arch shaped windows, this round windows cover softly filters light while creating privacy and reducing glare. No Tools needed for round windows cover installation.


Just trim the round windows cover at home, for a perfect fit inside the window, then peel and place for permanent installation — no drills, screws or brackets needed.

The round windows cover is easy to cut and install, only the knife is needed to cut the shade to your desired length and install it with included tape, all in minutes.


These round window shades are available in white and natural colors,etc. Contact us if you need help or have questions.


Images for Round Windows Cover

Round Windows Cover