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Window Coverings For Sliding Windows

Window coverings for sliding windows:
1.Window Coverings Fabric Cutting: laser cutting, the edge of the fabric is straight clean and nice.
2.Window Coverings Accessories: 5 color painted cassette&bottom rail, fabric cassette and bottom rail, heavy-duty and nice.
3.Window Coverings Fabric Quality: high end fabrics, environment friendly and free of defective.

Product Description

Our collection of TZ zebra roller blinds put you in complete control. Double-layered window coverings for sliding windows,you can line up the sheer and opaque strips in any way you want,that to let in as much light as you need.


That means you can enjoy the view,and enjoy the sun or enjoy your privacy all with one window coverings for your sliding windows. Pick from our Blackout backing or our regular Enjoys with lovely light filtering fabric.


The perfect day and night window coverings solution, Zebra roller blinds take two layers of fabric,they are alternating sheer and solid stripes, as known as Lumen Blinds,giving you endless light control. Enjoy a home with a view or complete privacy with a simple movement.


With the choice of sunlight filtering zebra roller blinds, and blockout , there's something for everyone. These window coverings for sliding windows,you can Choose from an array of neutral tones for a sleek and stylish home.

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Window Coverings for Sliding Windows

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