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Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical cellular shades are among the most popular choices of window treatment available on the market. Designed to filter in the perfect amount of light into your home or block it out, the crisp, clean and versatile style of cellular window shades are the perfect solution to illuminate your home. These elegant shades can not only filter in that desired amount of light or black out your room, but they can also fit into the shallowest window depth. Cellular honeycomb shades are soft, yet durable, and promote energy efficiency

Product Description

Vertical cellular shades are a stylish, energy efficient windows covering for windows,sliding glass doors or patio windows.etc. Vertical cellular shades that provide a much-needed insulating layer for windows or sliding glass doors, where house tend to see changes in temperature.

How do vertical cellular shades work?

Vertical cellular shades. This windows shades will guide cold air into the room or cooled room air towards the hot windows with tilted veins. Traps both the cold air and the heat in between the shades and windows, almost like a blanket. Sunlight can be controlled by tilting the veins.


TZ vertical cellular shades blend style and cellular-shade efficiency with a convenient side-opening design. They are a stylish way to insulate wide windows and patio doors.Vertical Cellular Shades are made from quality fabrics and offered in a variety of colors and patterns.Ideal for patio doors or large windows, the light filtering vertical cellular shades from the TZ are perfect to combine function and style.

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