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Window Roller Shades

How do you choose window roller shades?That the architects, designers or owners should consider four primary factors when they selecting window roller shades fabric: color, weave/construction, openness factor and mounting position of the roller shades themselves.

Product Description

Jack who is one of our client said:This window roller shades were so easy to install - it is light enough that they can hold up no problem. The window roller shades are completely opaque and no light gets through. It is super easy to roll it up or down with the string. For such a cheap price it really is a great product and I highly recommend. Looks good too and definitely fulfills its intended purpose.


Window Roller Shades Introduction:

Made of 100% polyester and thermal insulated coating. 100% blackout.Suitable for you to use it in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Blackout window roller shades can protect the privacy for your family and protects for your family from UV rays.

Special protection for your kids. Choose electric window roller shades or window roller shades without cords to protect your kids.

Measure the height, width and depth of the windows.The depth is at least 2.5 inch. For inside mount,window roller shades width need to be at least 1/4 inch less than window width. There will be a tiny gap on each side,so the fabric width will be at least 1.5 inch smaller total. That is, fabric width is 32.5 inch.

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Window Roller Shades

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