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Fabric Roller Shades

Fabric roller shades in addition to being highly effective—blocking light and protecting privacy—roller shades are also easy to incorporate into virtually any room in your home, regardless of its color scheme or style.There are electric fabric roller shades and manual fabric roller shades, indoor roller shades, indoor electric roller shades and outdoor roller shades, outdoor electric roller shades.etc.

Product Description

Fabric Roller Shades Details:Made of polyester fabric coated with 100% or 50% blackout same-color backing with good finishing, it feels soft.Of course,you can choose another fabric,etc.What fabric is best for your roller blinds?Maybe sturdy, medium-heavy fabrics (such as light canvas, cotton twill or decor-weight cottons,etc) works best for your roller blinds. Because a somewhat stiff fabric is preferable over something softer, as the stiff fabric will roll up more successfully than flimsier choices.


Classical Design: Used by high-quality fabrics that have been under rigorously quality tested.  The roller shades are Simple and reliable design for most house styles and usage scenarios. This product is a decent window roller shades.


Multiple Functions: The roller shade blocks out 100% or 50% sunlight .The fabric backing balances the temperature, maintains the indoor temperature during the summer days.and to keeps warm in the winter.for helping cut your energy bills. It also works well in noise reducing.That's good for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and office.


Easy To Install And Maintain: The window roller shades install instruction for convenience.New items may have subtle wrinkles, but they will disappear in several days or using steam iron would be better.

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fabric roller shades

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