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Window Cover for Winter

Some options for window cover for winter, include cellular shades and drapes, shutters and roman shades, and horizontal blinds and curtains.These handy ways to keep cold draughts from coming through your windows.

Product Description

Choose windows cover for winter?

We suggest you opt for cellular shades for added layers of insulation. That you can cellular shades that open horizontally or vertically, so choose whatever fits best in your window. Attach the mounting hardware inside the window frame so the shade presses against the glass so it creates the most effective insulation. Pull the shades closed when it gets cold so you don’t lose any hot air in your home.

Insulated cellular shades are double-layered and have an interior honeycomb shape that traps warm air and helps reduce heat loss by about 50%.

Horizontal cellular shades create the most effective insulation, but vertical varieties allow you to better control how much sunlight enters your home.

Images for Window Cover for Winter

Window Cover for Winter