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Mini Blinds for Windows

1.Manual Venetian blinds have different sizes of 16mm,25mm,35mm,50mm and 90mm and diversified colors.
2.Blinds' installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning are simple and elegant and have good anti-UV radiation, thermal insulation, dimming functions.
3.Venetian blinds can carry out two functions of the blinds lifting and leaf angle adjustment by rocking handle and digging rope.
4.Its easy operation is suitable for indoor usage.

Product Description

Cordless mini blinds for windows provide sunlight filtering and privacy

It is made from heavyweight PVC engineered for privacy and resists warping and sagging. The modern style features a tilt wand and cordless lift. Kids & pet safe! To operate: simply lift or lower bottom rail to raise or lower mini blinds, control how much sunlight streams into your room by twisting the wand to open and close the slats. Mini blinds hidden mounting brackets are designed for inside, outside or Ceiling installation.


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Mini Blinds for Windows

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