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Wood Blinds for Windows

Wood blinds are constructed with two-inch basswood slats with privacy feature as standard. All come with a durable, decorative head rail featuring a contoured shape that does not require a valance, and has a light blocking lip between the head rail and top slat. These blinds are installed using top brackets. The trapezoid shaped bottom rail prevents warping and provides tighter closure. The options and sizes are more limited when compared to our regular 2" basswood blinds but the savings is substantial.This wood blinds add a touch of nature beauty to any room.

Product Description

China Wood Blinds for Windows Factory

Our woods are chosen for their natural insulating properties, our wood blinds for windows valance customize on all blinds, has a distinctive style that will complement any decor.

Also we love your kids and pets. So when it comes to safety, we take our role seriously, beyond design and operation to awareness and education. Tip: Go Cordless!

Top off your windows,with the sleek, modern styling of our wood blinds.

Our wood blinds for windows available in a variety of colors, decorative tapes help you add a personal accent to tie your windows in with the rest of your room. And, because they cover route holes, they block additional incoming sunlight.

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Wood Blinds for Windows

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