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Outdoor Electric Roller Blinds

The outdoor electric roller blind is a kind of light electric roller blinds machine developed with a tubular motor. Its operation only needs to toggle the power switch. It is easy to operate, quiet and stable. It is an upgraded product of the roller blinds.Compared with the other blinds, its performance-price ratio is very superior. Motors of different specifications can be selected according to the size and weight of the curtain, and multiple roller blinds can be dragged by one motor.

Product Description

1.How to choose the fabric for outdoor electric roller blinds?

Motorized roller blinds and outdoor electric roller blinds can choose various types of roller blind fabrics, such as shading, semi-shading, and sunlight fabrics, according to environmental requirements.

2.What are the advantages of outdoor electric roller blinds?

Outdoor electric roller blinds have many advantages, such as beautiful and simple appearance, strong and durable structure. Electric roller blinds are suitable for many places, such as commercial office buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices, homes, and are especially suitable for large-area glass curtain walls. When the  electric roller blind fabric is put down, it can soften the indoor light, avoid direct sunlight, and achieve a good shading effect. When the  electric roller blind is raised, its volume is very small, so that it is not easy to be noticed. 

3.How many types of outdoor electric roller blinds?

Roller blind fabrics include semi-shielding roller blinds, semi-transparent roller blinds, and full blackout roller blinds. The latest roll-out anti-ultraviolet roller blinds, waterproof roller blinds, and easy decontamination engineering roller blinds are introduced. Control methods are: manual roller blinds, electric roller blinds, spring semi-automatic roller blinds, etc. Can be used for office building roller blinds, school roller blinds, hotel roller blinds, home roller blinds.

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