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Window Blinds Cordless

The window blinds cordless design provides a clean, tangle-free look to the window and creates a safer environment for children and pets; it will stay at whatever position you stop ; the bottom rail is weighted and rigid so it hangs flat and prevents from wind blowing.

Product Description

Manufacture Window Blinds Cordless

In 2015, the WCMA created a "Best for Kids" program to help consumers identify window blinds that were safe in households with kids.

CPSC advises consumers to replace any corded blinds with cordless ones. For households with corded blinds, the CPSC suggests the following tips:

Move any furniture away from windows or cords to make them tougher to reach.

Keep tasseled pull cords as short as possible.

Remove dangling cords, and keep any others out of reach.

Double check cord stops are properly installed to limit their movement.

Keep continuous-loop cords on draperies and vertical blinds anchored to a floor or wall.

Images for Window Blinds Cordless

Images for Window Blinds Cordless