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Roman Shades for Windows

You can set Roman shades for windows at any desired position to get different level of privacy. The mechanism has a smooth and steady roll-up speed adjusting your windows shades up and down silently.

Product Description

Use high-quality fabrics that have been under rigorously quality tested. These Roman shades for windows are simple and reliable design for most decorative styles and usage scenarios.It applies in most daily scenarios. Bedroom, study room, kitchen, living room, kids’ room, or office, etc.


Roman shades for windows contains an accessory kit including metal bracket, screws and install instruction for convenience.


There are many Roman shades for windows are manufactured with high-quality washable fabrics, so you can gently wash them with ease using a mild soap and water. If you have Romans shades that are embroidered, brocade or made from a delicate non-washable fabric, you may want to have them professionally cleaned.

Steam Clean: Leave the decorative Roman shades in place and use the fabric attachment of your steam cleaner. Be careful not to over-wet the shade. Dry Clean: Give the Roman shades for windows to a dry cleaner if your Roman shades are fragile or you're afraid of other cleaning methods.

There are Roman shades for windows that are best off steam cleaned, as they don't react well to any more moisture. So can use a steam cleaner while the Roman shades are still up on the window, but be gentle with the fabric, as you don't want to scald the material or saturate it with too much water

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