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Hand-Bending Curved Track 2 in 1 for Motorized Curtain

Feature: Hand Bending.
Window Type: Bay windows, Corner windows or ARC windows.
Provide a complete set of Hand-Bending Curved Track project accessories.

Product Description

Hand-Bending Curved Track 2 in 1 for Motorized Curtain

Item Hand-Bending Curved Track 2 in 1 for Motorized Curtain

Aluminum alloy 6063-T5

Features Hand-Bending


Profile Weight 0.496kg/m or Customizble
Advantage Silent, Solid, Durable
Installation Wall/Ceiling installed
Window Type Bay windows, Corner windows or ARC windows

Noted: * Professional drawing will provide to you following your detail requirment.

          * Hand-Bending Curved Track 2 in 1 perfectly fit any shaped windows.

          * The motors can be mounted on either side of the rod.

DOOYA SOMFY Hand-Bending Track for Curtain

Made of Aluminum Alloy, our flexible curtain tracks are 10X stronger than Plastic PVC bendable tracks, break and crack free and built to last in the toughest conditions. Can be bend effortlessly to various shapes and sizes.

1. Insert the 2 bending rods within the curtain track

2. Roll the track across your knee making sure to make the bend a soft right angle. You do not want a straight right angle. You want it to have a gentle curved radius.

Things to note When use hand-bending curved track:

1. When you bend the manual curved track. You need to bend little by little.

2. The minimum turning diameter is 15 cm.

3. If the straight part exceeds 1.5 meters, please use a special joiner to prevent the track runner and pulley from falling.

4. Please use special curved track runners and pulleys.

5. When bending at a right angle, the connecting piece can be disconnected by 20cm,and then bend again, the effect is better.

2 in 1 manual curved track VS traditional curved rail joints

Motorized Curtain System Accessories

Motorized Curtain Straight Track Accessories

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