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PVC Venetian Blind

Features of PVC venetian blinds

1. Brilliant surface treatment

2. Never fade, anti-UV, water proof

3. Customized colors accepted.

4. High quality and safety warranty

5. Environmental friendly painting

6. Waterproof and fireproof

Product Description

PVC venetian blind

Quick Details


Brand Name: 

TZ blinds

Model Number

TZ130 PVC venetian blind


PVC venetian blind



Is customized 


Applicable Window Type

French wiondows




Opening and Closing Method

Upper and Lower Biparting Open


Living room, bathroom, kitchen, study room etc


White, beige, gray, linen, brown, black etc

Installation Type

Ceiling Installation, Exterior Installation, Side Installation, Built-in


Slat size:

1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch(25mm, 35mm, 50mm)

Chains side:

Left or right


Manual or motorized




UV Protection, waterproof, easy clean, environmental




10 Square Meter

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China

1.PVC Venetian blinds are practical solution not only in offices with glare problems but also in private homes where there is the desire for an elegant modern solution that allows little light to enter as well as ensures privacy.

Never let the idea that you stay in an environment surrounded by water or incredibly moist stop you from getting to use a PVC Venetian Blind. 

2.The PVC Venetian Blind is a very economical blind while holding its modern look. They are incredibly great for we environment since they cannot be damaged by water. 

4.Therefore, you can have the Venetian Blinds PVC in your bathrooms, Kitchen and any room that might be exposed to water. 

PVC Venetian Blinds for Your Room

This classic venetian blind adds a smart, modern touch to your room and is ideal for controlling privacy and light. 

With a silent and smooth mechanism, the blind can be tilted or raised to any position and held in place using the child-safe cord lock. 

The wipe-clean vinyl finish is durable and practical as well as good-looking.

The window blinds can be installed either inside or outside a window recess, thanks to the three fixing options: you can fit it to the front or side of a wall (face or side fixing), or attach it upwards to a ceiling or window recess (top fixing). 



PVC(Vinyl) venetian blind, Mini blind

Use the convenient tilt wand feature to easily adjust how much sunlight you want beaming into your room. choose the option that best complements your space. The durable construction of the White Wand Plastic Venetian Blinds makes them resistant to warping, fading or sagging. The hidden mounting brackets are not only easy to install, but designed to install on the inside or outside of your window sill or on the ceiling, making them versatile enough to fit your exact needs.


PVC Venetian Blind

PVC Venetian BlindPVC Venetian Blind

Application of PVC Venetian blinds

Venetian Blind图片24

Venetian/Mini blind Features:


1) Vinyl material; PVC foam(faux wood); Aluminum
2) Easy to install and suit for different styles windows

3) Child amd pets safety accessories

4) Clean lines, sleek design & many colors
5) Economy pick for a good value
6) Offers security and privacy
7) Strong durability and will not warp


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