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Windows Sun Shading Roller Blinds

Manual Roller Blinds with Bead Rope,Sun Shading features is Waterproof, Eco-friendly,Fire-retardant, Anti-bacteria.


Blinds Item: Windows Sun Shading Roller Blinds

Fabric Material: Polyester 

Function:shading / light transmission / panoramic view 

Control system: Pull Rope

Usage: Window Decoration 

Type: Roller Shades

Shading Rate: 50-85%

Openness Strength: 3%

INSTALLATION TYPE: Built-in, Exterior Installation

ODM / OEM Service: Window covering factory from China. ODM & OEM is welcome!

Windows Sun Shading Roller Blinds

Customization Scope

According to the actual window type, the size can be customized. 

Based on our sun shading fabic catalog, choose which one color as you like.

Bead Rope left or right as you need.Custom Ready Made Blinds



The size calculation method reference installed in the windows need depth(D)at least 7cm. 

Custom width Width :2m~3.2m Height :1m~3m (Different styles,the data is slightly different] 

Blinds inside (grey line part) 

1.Blinds width = widow width (W) -1mm

2.Blinds height = widow height (H) 

Blinds outside (brown line part) 

1.Blinds width e widow width (w)+ 20mm 

2.Blinds height = widow height (H)+20mm Price calculation

Total price = width(W) x height(H)* unit price x quantity + freight.

The price is a custom price per square meter,single less than 1m²? will be 1m²? 

calculation more than 1m² will be actual square meter calculation. 

(Calculation methods are routine calculations , only reference)

Why Choose Us Window Covering?

⇒ Our factory supply all kinds of ready made blinds to the Real Estate Development Company and Blinds Shop. 

⇒ Wholesale factory price, TaiZhou offer more discounts to you in here. 

⇒ Our main export market: USA, Canada, Australia 

⇒ TaiZhou Window Covering 24 hours on line, Any questions, please feel free to ask Martina