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Fabric Slats Shangri-la Sheer Blinds 60mm 75mm - Custom Made

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Shangri-la blinds as known as horizontal Sheer blinds

It is a type of horizontal blinds.  It also has the properties of roller blinds.

They have the good light transmittance of sheer shades and the light-shielding properties of slat blinds. These blinds consist of soft rotating fabric vanes which are suspended between two sheer fabric layers, the sheer fabric allowing sunlight to shine through. Soft rotating fabric vanes can block the sunlight passing through.

Horizontal Blinds

By rotating the fabric vanes, you can enjoy the scenery outside or block light to protect your privacy.

3 Control Methods for Shangri-la Blinds

Shangri-la Blinds

Cord Loop

- To raise, lower and tilt (vanes)the blinds

Spring Loaded

 -Pull the base of the blinds to operate


- Remote control, wall switch. No looped cords or hazards providing child safety

4 Shading effects of Shangri-la Blinds

- 60%, 80%, 90%, 99%

Customizable - Available in translucent and room darkening fabrics. The shading effects of Shangri-La blinds can be customized for your exact need, from colors, styles, fabric density and functionality.

Fabric Slat Size of Shangri-la Blinds

- 60mm, 75mm, or custom size

7 Advantages of Shangri-La blinds

Shangri-la Sheer Blinds

1. Shangri-La sheer blinds are called "adjustable gauze blinds", "linear gauze blinds" and "soft horizontal blinds". It combines the advantages of gauze blinds, horizontal blinds, accordion blinds and roller blinds. Four blinds merge into one;

2. Shangri-La blinds can adjust natural light like blinds;

3. They have the same functions as accordion blinds (filtering sunlight, blocking ultraviolet rays, antibacterial and anti-mildew, safety and flame retardant, anti-static treatment, etc.);

4. These blinds are as easy to control as roller blinds and can be raised and lowered freely. When the blind is closed, it is completely hidden in the top groove, allowing for a wider view. ;

5. Shangri-La blinds have a very ideal perspective effect and are the first choice for landscape windows, "shading the sun without blocking the view";

6. They have strong lines and have a very good decorative effect on long and narrow windows;

7. The light coming through is soft and does not hurt the eyes. Very suitable for installation in the study room;

The combination of soft window screens and horizontal Blinds blinds gives people a hazy aesthetic feeling. The appropriate shades of curtain colors and simple and simple designs give people a comfortable and natural feeling. In the winter afternoon, the sunlight filters through the Shangri-La curtains, and the light and shadow embellish the room. It is quiet and beautiful, and you feel like you are in a paradise. Contact us now for know more about shangri-la sheer blinds.Buy window coverings from China to get more preferential prices.