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Smart Glass For Singapore

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Speak To A Smart Glass Expert

As a global leader in the development and manufacturing of smart glass technology, TaiZhou has become the go-to choice for Singaporean architects and interior designers. In only a few seconds, Smart Glass may go from being clear to various degrees of opaqueness with a single button click or hand gesture. With its rapid privacy feature, energy economy, and sleek design, Smart Glass is well-liked for a variety of uses. In Singapore, for example, it is installed in more than thirty gyms.

Singapore is dubbed the Garden City because to the abundance of green public spaces, but it also has an eye-catching skyline full of tall buildings. Professionals in architecture, design, and construction are increasingly turning to Smart Glass to meet the aesthetic and energy needs of Singapore, an island city-state that is experiencing rapid urbanization due to its unique tropical environment.

TaiZhou's operates on a worldwide scale, our partners use network support to fulfilling orders, and our knowledgeable sales and after-sales team provides prompt services.

Are you trying to find vendors for your project? Make quick contact with Taizhou's Martina, the smart glass specialist.


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Off/On Smart Glass

switchable glass

Smart Glass Projects For Singapore

PDLC film for Spa

Mani Spa

switchable glass Park Square Apartments

Park Square Apartments

PDLC Smart Film Luxury apartment

Luxury Apartment In Singapore Adds Smart Glass

Smart Glass Application Industry


Smart glass partitions that are innovative for adaptable office layouts and work spaces.


Preserve private times in a spotless environment.


Make the most of your available space by incorporating innovative ideas that will wow your guests.

● Retail

Use storefronts to engage with clients without getting in the way of merchandise.

● Residential

Upgrade your house and make it smarter by adding smart glass.

If you have a small space and don’t know how to use this technology, you can check out this article “Using Smart Film in Small Space Design

Smart Film Is The Wise Option

Have you Installed Glass Already?‍

Smart film is a great option for retrofitting because of how easy it is to install. Without having to change the glass, it provides the same switchable effect as smart glass.

When turned on and off, smart film—also referred to as smart tint—instantaneously changes from clear to private.

2 Types Of Smart Glass Film

Taizhou manufactures two kinds of films: a lamination film and an application film for glass that has already been mounted. Laminated smart glass and sticky smart films are two applications for PDLC technology. SPD technology is available as laminated smart glass.

1. Laminated Smart Glass

Harnessing the characteristic of a liquid crystal sheet

It is created by laminating a liquid crystal sheet between two pieces of glass. using the characteristic of molecules in a liquid crystal sheet that, in the absence of an electrical signal, are orientated randomly to block light and to align in response to an electrical signal to let light to pass.

It provides instant seclusion in a neat way, doing away with the need for messy blinds or curtains. In addition, this smart glass provides safety benefits, sound absorption, and UV and heat protection.

Smart glass film

High Applicability

To ensure lifespan and suitability for usage in moist conditions, our film with switchable glass may be placed between two glass panels. With the film's thermal and solar insulation qualities, we can also apply it to your existing glass panels and partitions to help keep your homes and offices cool.

2. Adhesive Smart Film

Harnessing the characteristic of a liquid crystal sheet

It's a smart film that instantly transforms a regular glass from see-through to opaque, providing instant privacy and security. Because the liquid crystal molecules are encased in a self-adhesive polymer, which may be applied to a glass surface that has been well cleaned and prepped.


High Performance

Our solution for switchable glass lets natural light into your room while maintaining privacy, creating a cozier feeling. Even after being kept on for lengthy periods of time, our switchable glass can withstand more than 7 million switches and continues to perform well.


Our rooms' unique feature, the switchable glass, provided a fun element for our visitors also complementing the contemporary and chic style. Taizhou not only delivered top-notch goods but also shown professionalism, attention to detail, and concentration over the whole pre- and post-sale processes.

● Jasens – Singapore View Hotel Apartment ↑

Our new workplace has butt-glazed Premium Dark Grey walls from floor to ceiling and dimming features that provide the workspaces flexibility. Both our staff and guests agree that it creates a more opulent atmosphere. To guarantee a seamless installation, the Taizhou crew exercised caution in their communication and offered online assistance.

● Helen ↑

One special feature in our rooms was the switchable glass. It demonstrated to our guests the incredible power of our projectors. The Taizhou team demonstrated professionalism, devotion, and passion throughout the pre- and post-sale procedures.  I always advise my customers to combine our projectors with Taizhou Switchable Glass at their office and their outsource multimedia projects.

● Aee– Epson ↑


Questions And Answers

Smart Glass: How Does It Work?

In the ON state, an electric current passes through a film layer known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, or PDLC. Tiny crystals align along several parallel axes as a result of the electrically charged condition, allowing light to pass through the glass.

Because of the PDLC random layout, which modifies how light is refracted inside the mixture, Smart Glass appears frosted or opaque when it is not enabled.

What Is The Haze Factor?

The degree of light dispersion when light passes through a see-through specimen is measured by the haze factor. Higher sample clarity, which denotes a drop in contaminants, is shown by a lower haze factor value.

Taizhou's average haze level is a very low 2.5%. In the industry, this is the best.

● What Is Pdlc?

The initials for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal are PDLC.Click here to learn more about PDLC

● When Does The Pdlc Film Consume Electricity?

When it is in the ON (transparent) state, that is when it utilizes electricity. The OFF (translucent) state is devoid of consumption.

Is Uv Ray Blocked By Smart Glass?

99% of UV radiation can be blocked by switchable smart glasses.

● Does Taizhou Install Smart Glass?

No. We offer an online service for guided smart glass and film installation via the web.

● What Are The Usual Questions Taizhou Askes A Customer Prior To A Project Starting?

For example, is the switchable film or glass being put indoors, outside, or in a damp environment?

What dimensions do the project's individual parts have in terms of width and length?

Which glass specifications—polished edges, reduced iron, etc.—are necessary?

Where does each panel's wiring need to be installed?

Is your role as an end-user, glazier, or architect?

Which delivery address should I use for this project?

● Can I Get A Smart Glass Sample Request?

Yes. Call Martina for more information: +0086-13435492286

Order With Confidence

We make sure that every product passes stringent quality inspections and is shipped as soon as possible to Singapore.