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Outdoor Blinds And Heavy Duty Outdoor Roller Blinds In 2022

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Benefits of Outdoor Blinds And Heavy Duty Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor blinds and heavy duty outdoor roller blinds are perfect for patios as well as balconies and windows, plus they add value to your home.All our heavy duty outdoor roller blinds are available in a broad range of styles, as well as fabrics and materials such as light filter, woven mesh and block-out to suit your property and shade requirements, with our friendly consultants always available to help you make the right decisions about the heavy duty outdoor roller blinds you select for your home.

How our heavy duty outdoor roller blinds work

Our broad heavy duty outdoor roller blinds range is sure to present you with the ideal solution for your residential shade requirements.Made of polyethylene, 100% waterproof, dustproof, windproof gazebo blinds.An outdoor roller blind is similar to an interior roller blind running down vertically in front of glass and open apertures. Fabric is wrapped around a roller-tube which varies in diameter based on the width and drop of the blind, the greater the width/drop the larger the roller-tube to ensure no sagging. The fabric is attached to a lead-rail which contains an integral weight that subsequently ensures the fabric remains taut, under tension at every position, whether the blind is part or fully lowered.we are privileged to enjoy our fantastic outdoors lifestyle and sunshine weather. What is more lekker than a gathering of friends and family on the patio for a braai? Our heavy duty channel blinds in a range of fabrics, extending your usage of your patio and creating a cozy exterior space.

The lead-rail runs within guides to each side, ensuring it runs smoothly and perfectly square. Additionally, the fabric is locked within these side guides through a clever zip locking mechanism, which renders the blind windproof, stops any light shining between the edge of the material and side guides (as there is no gap) and also acts as an insect screen with fitted with our premium Twilight pearl material. The side guides which can be face or side fixed depending on the application, are in two parts, a rear and front section, concealing all the fixings.The lockscreen option includes a cassette and special guide channels that lock the fabric in place, allowing no wind or light to enter the gap between the fabric and the guide.  Ideal for protection from the elements and to truly add a room to your property.  Applications include patios, sun protection for windows, sliding doors and inward stacking doors, restaurant verandas, etc.

We offers homeowners a great range of heavy duty exterior roller blinds styles to perfectly suit all contemporary and traditional style homes. A cassette casing around the roller-tube provides a neat hideaway for the blind when not in use, concealing the fabric and minimising maintenance. The front of the head-box is hinged so it can easily be removed for any maintenance or remedial purposes. Heavy-duty lugs on the side of the head-box slot within the side guides, supporting it without the need for any physical fixing back to the facade.Multiple uses: Home and garden tones-such as pergola cover-Terrace cover-Porch cover-Window awning-Garden Carport-Sunshades Depot.

Heavy duty channel blinds Manufactured in China to Suit Western Australian/UK/Canda/US Conditions etc.

Choice of fabrics and materials including sunscreen, light filtering, blockout and aluminium.Excellent protection from rain, wind, sun and glare.Our external roller blinds are fitted with a tubular motor contained inside the roller-tube, which allows for effortless operation from a handheld remote control or wire-free wall switch. Optional sensors create automatic blinds, that position themselves based on the ambient conditions for optimum thermal and visual comfort.So, whether you are looking for a light fabric that allows the sunlight to filter through whilst providing shade, sun and glare control or you are after a privacy-enhancing blind that delivers total blockout from the sun, we are here to help you select the correct outdoor blinds for your home.

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