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Shangri-la Blinds Roller Sheer

Sheer White: Soft White
Material: Polyester Fabric, Aluminium headrails,
Customized finished blinds,
Manual or Electronic motorized remote control.

Product Description

Manufacture Shangri-la Blinds Roller Sheer

Blinds Item Shangri-la Blinds Roller Sheer
Aluminium Headrails
Chain or Motorized
Pattern Horizontal
Color Contact US, get Shangri-la Blinds Catalog
Size Customized as Your Window Size
Usage Window Decor
Air Permeability, Fade-Resistant and Durable
Privacy, Light Control
Application Bedrooms, Media Rooms, Office, Coffee Bar or Anywhere

Manual Shangri la Blinds

Shangri-la Blinds Roller Sheer’s soft, light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics blend to create a unique visual experience. Horizontal fabric vanes float between the two layers of soft, knitted sheers which tilt like a fabric venetian blind to blockout out light and show off their gorgeous delicate shading.

Customized Shangri la Blinds

Shangri-la blinds, also called silhouette blinds or sheer blinds or rainbow blinds or korean blinds are refined, elegant and versatile window treatments.

Sheer horizontal blinds feature two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric vanes.

Aluminium roller tube has 28mm or 38mm with adhesive tape to secure the fabric.

The bottom rail, is used as counterweight to keep the fabric stretched. Coating white aluminium tube with a special groove for insertion of the dowel rod.

White plastic chain ball, or optionally chain ball, and you can choice stainless steel chain ball.

Silhouette shades are operated through traditional pull cords and continuous cord loops , of course, that can made in motorized and control by remote or you can connect with your smart home.

Two Motor Options for Shangri-la Blinds Roller Sheer

Motor for Shangri la Blinds

*No Wiring Motor,required rechaargeable tubular motors.

*Durable Hardwired motor, make sure you have a socket nearby.

Motorized Shangri-La Blinds

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