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Window Roller Shades

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Window Roller Shades

We think that the roller shades maybe have a tendency to recede into the background of your home’s decor.


Window Treatments in some ways they are great, they let the window itself, and more importantly the view, be the main focus.


But the minimalist style of roller shades , it can also tend to make the windows look somewhat bare.


The modern roller shades in modern styled apartment with city view and brick accent wall.


So you can install the window coverings into any style of home decor and have them work, and gain all the benefits that roller blinds have to offer.


These include light filtering or room darkening, depending on your illumination needs, fabric or solar weaves, even temperature control, and most importantly, privacy, regardless of whether the shades are sheer or not.


While all of these characteristics are good and allow roller shades to complement any style of decor, it can’t be denied that they are more complementary to some styles than others.


Roller shades seem custom made to fit any kind of modern, sleek, trim aesthetic style, but what if your house is a traditional or Victorian style?


How about the teal blue Victorian-styled house with white and gold accents and stairs to the front door and closed curtains.


Electric Roller shades might end up looking a little too sleek and trim to function by themselves as a window dressing.


But sometimes, window roller shades need a bit of a boost, an assist from another style of window dressing, in order to fit in.


interior of a Victorian house with modern light fixture, geometric patterned floor, and a round table with fern in the foreground with sheer curtains on the window


This Victorian is actually doing a pretty good job of being modern, but, those are still curtains.


Put them together with roller shades, however, and you end up with functionally stylistic window treatments that complement each other, and together complement your home.


Windows Curtains


1.Windows Curtains are an obvious choice to pair with roller shades for physical reasons.


2.Roller shades sit tight in close to the frame, while curtains expand both horizontally and vertically beyond the trim.


3.An inside mounted roller shade would be the most streamlined fit, mounting them inside the frame gives each treatment its own space to operate in.


Windows Curtains and Windows roller shades are physically complementary in another way as well; inside mounted roller shades inevitably leave a small gap between the shade and the frame, allowing a thin strip of light to come in.  


The curtains operate side to side, as opposed to roller shades’ up and down, you can slide your curtains over as much as you like to block that little strip of light, doubling down on the light control of each treatment.


Because roller shades do sit so tightly in the frame, this little gap occurs so close to the edge of the window frame that it shouldn’t take much from the curtains to cover it up, meaning that, in turn, they cover as little of your window trim, and block as little of your window, as possible.

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