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Day And Night Electric Blinds

Day and night electric blinds are the latest in light filtering window treatments. It’s modern look adds a stylish functional effect to your living room, bedroom or office.
While at the same time controlling the amount of light you want in the room.
Day and night electric blinds are gently filter natural light while still providing you privacy. It’s Modern look adds to your living room, bed room or office a stylish affect.
It’s twin cell material delivers excellent insulation and privacy saving you energy costs while keeping your room cool and dry.
The second strip colored backing assures you an uniform appearance from the street. When raised, they stack compactly, giving you a clear, unobstructed view.

Product Description

These day and night electric blinds can be customized to a size accurate to 1/16" or OEM,we can customize the size you want


Our dual sheer shades is the absence of a horizontal vane connecting the front and back panels, features alternating stripes of sheer and privacy fabrics. Appreciating your view while filtering out light and enjoying your privacy. Or easily align the stripes on the front and back panels of the shade,that to the closed position for room darkening. The day and night electric blinds are pre-assembled by best.


We want you to take pride in your day and night electric blinds, and enjoy your more comfortable life with TZ day and night electric blinds. Add this new world charm of day and night electric blinds to your home , enjoy the rich beauty our blinds bring to your interior decor. So come and get yours without any delay! 

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Day And Night Blinds

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