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Electric Day Night Blinds

Electric day night blinds also can be called the rainbow blinds, adjust light roller blinds, the double shutter. Zebra Blinds combine the warmness of fabric, simplicity of roller shades and the light-filtering function of Venetian blinds. Because of the operation simplicity, shading form diversification,It is the ideal choice for office and home decorations. Electric day night blinds are gently filter natural light while still providing you privacy. It’s fashionable look adds to your living room, bed room or office a stylish affect.

Product Description

These soft day and night blinds made of polyester fiber fabric, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic and harmless, it is made by adding a layer of yarn between the same piece of polyester woven fabric through a special weaving method.





These electric day night blinds material is polyester/linen/nylon, double-layer fabric. Anti-ultraviolet, energy saving and environmental protection.

Light Control Effect

Soft and comfortable

The amount of light provides a harmonious lighting effect for the interior, and at the same time makes the strong sunlight soft and comfortable, and the physical and chemical lines are good. This electric day night blinds are durable and will not deform or change color like ordinary roller blinds due to sunlight.

Fabric Treatment

High temperature

High pressure


Fabric Advantages


Not easy to deform

The surface of the electric day night blinds fabric is treated with high temperature, high pressure and anti-static-the curtain fabric is not easy to accumulate dust, and the cleaning and maintenance are simple and convenient-the fabric is not easy to deform.

Built-in Top Slot

There is a built-in top slot, when the curtain is fully folded, the curtain and the bottom slot are completely hidden in the top slot, which can effectively protect the electric day night blinds.

Double-layer Fabric

Double-layer light-transmitting curtain fabric design, with electric day night blinds opening and dimming function. Adjusting the angle of the curtains can make the curtains of different transmittances overlap and have a soft and soft texture.

Effectively Block 98% of Ultraviolet Rays

When the light barrier cloth is closed, these double-layer blinds can isolate 98% of ultraviolet rays and protect indoor objects from ultraviolet rays-when the light barrier cloth is opened, it can insulate 63% of ultraviolet rays.

Day and Night Window Coverings

Motorised control

The ultimate light control solution at your fingertips, operated at the touch of a button for maximum convenience. Motorised blinds are operated with a remote, which is especially useful for those with mobility issues, or if the blinds are not easily accessible.

Multiple Choice Advantages



The smart blinds we offer come in a variety of colors and patterns, so that no matter what your décor is, there will be a set of electric blinds to perfectly suit your home.

Types of Day Night Blinds

dual roller blinds

dual roman blinds

dual pleated blinds

dual venetian blinds

Every style of blinds that we provide can be motorised, such as roller, Roman, pleated and electric venetian blinds. You could even pair the electric function with blackout fabric for ultimate luxury.

How Do Electric Day and Night Blinds Work?

Adjust the horizontal panels

Opaque panels

opaque stripes

Transparent panels

translucent stripes

Shading Effects of Dual Blinds

Combining opaque and transparent panels within the same fabric, our Electric Day and Night Blinds are made from a loop of fabric allowing you to slide the stripes past each other to create a variety of shading effects.

Position both layers showing the opaque stripes for complete privacy or alternate the translucent and opaque stripes at intervals of your choice to allow filtered light into your room.

The Ultimate Solution in Light Control

Electric Day and Night Dual Blinds

remote control


clean looking

Our dual roller blinds offer the ultimate solution in light control. Using your choice of remote control you can adjust the horizontal panels to align or disalign at whatever point you desire, giving you full control over the amount of natural light entering your room.



roller tube

dooya motor for blinds


coordinating fabric

A smart and clean looking window dressing, these blinds come complete with a cassette that covers the roller tube, motor and mechanism and is finished with a panel of coordinating fabric.


To ensure your new blinds are secure, child-safe, and simple to operate, then choose from the TZ Blinds Electric Day and Night Blinds range. Simply contact our friendly, professional team today for your free measure and quote.

Discover the Benefits OF Electric Day Night Roller Blinds

Ecology and energy saving

temperature sensors

automatic start-up

thermal insulation

UV protection


The connection of window blinds with sun and temperature sensors allows for automatic start-up of scenarios. Polyester, Fashion light filtering fabric, thermal insulation, UV protection and noise-abatement.

Water-proof and Easily Washable

Multiple applications






living rooms

On a sunny, warm day the electric day night blinds will close, which will reduce the heating of the room and thus reduce the costs of air conditioning.


Do you think burglars still take risk if they see movement in the house? Well, no.

Automatic electric day night blinds make your home a lot safer with their presence.Smart day and night blinds do not need a cord to operate them, making them safe for children.


Electric day night blinds mounted at a high altitude, large-sized or a large number of systems in one room are situations when manual control is difficult.

Control Operated

1. remote control

2. smartphone

Internal blinds controlled from the remote control or smartphone? The curtain closing itself after a slight move? Highlight your interior with our products.

Even the child and the person having difficulties with new technologies will handle the electric shields. Just press one button to let the light into the room.

Better sleep

By being smarter about how you use the heat from the sun, you save energy with a smart day and night blind.Many of us have trouble sleeping.

The use of blackout curtains will help you fall asleep, and the time control function will make the curtains in the bedroom open with the sound of the alarm clock.


motorized day & night blinds

Electric Day Night Blinds