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Switchable Electric Smart Glass Film|What Is It?

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Choose Your Type Of Electric Smart Glass Film

Electric smart glass film is another name for switchable smart film, which is one that changes from transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch.

Electric switchable glass film is ideal for a wide range of new and existing projects since it may be added to existing glass or integrated into glass as it is being created.

Usually installed by glaziers or window film installers, switchable electric film is used to create two types of smart glass:

● Switchable Privacy Glass

Built using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) layers, which may be made transparent for an open environment or opaque for privacy.

● Electronically Tintable Glass

Electric tinting glass that can shade, lessen glare, and keep transparency to preserve visibility is made with SPD films.


Smart Film

PDLC Electronic Smart Film 6Inch x 8.2Inch

PDLC Electronic Smart Film For Glass Doors

Black PDLC Film for Car Window

Black PDLC Film For Car Window

PDLC Smart Film for Meeting Room Office Home

PDLC Smart Film For Meeting Room Office Home

How Does Switchable Smart Glass Film Work?

With switchable electric smart film, any glass surface may be converted from a typical passive smart material to an active one. Glass may change from clear to opaque using an electric charge thanks to smart technology, making glass a flexible and adaptive material.

Smart electric glass film is essentially the same as smart glass, electric switchable glass film, or privacy glass, as they are sometimes referred as. It is referred to as an electric glass film with adhesive by certain producers, and switchable film laminated between two pieces of glass by others.

Ultimately, regardless of how it is installed, electric smart film is the technology used to create a finished smart glass pane for an outside window or an internal glass barrier. The most important thing to consider when starting a new project or modifying an old one is...Let’s talk about it next.

Smart glass film

Switchable Smart Window Film Supplier

Instantaneous Security And Privacy

Smart Window Film Supplier – Immediately get security and privacy with our cutting-edge switchable smart window film.

While tinted films, glare reduction films, and printed films are appropriate for areas that need specific light filtration, there are circumstances in which total seclusion is required. Still, nobody wants to work in a small, dark room with little natural light. Moreover, although blinds or curtains can offer complete seclusion and let in natural light when solitude is not required, they also come with their own set of challenges.  TaiZhou has a highly advanced solution that could solve all of your corporate privacy dilemmas with a single button. This technical innovation, often referred to as smart film or switchable film, enables glass to transition from opaque to clear with a simple flick of a switch. Acting as an ‘electronic blind’, and provides complete control over security and privacy in areas with glass walls, giving you a great deal of versatility with your layout. This opulent improvement may improve your area in a number of ways.


With the push of a button, switchable film lets you instantly transform your workplace space from a brightly lighted workstation to a private meeting room for private conversations.

● Projection

With its opaque setting, the projection screen is perfect for boardrooms and conference rooms—areas with plenty of windows but little wall space—by providing an appealing projection alternative.


Eliminating the requirement for pull-down projection screens and drapes gives your room a sleek, contemporary look that is appropriate for business conferences and meetings and is sure to wow.


Maintaining immaculate, dust-free corporate and public areas can occasionally be difficult, but switchable smart film eliminates the need for extra blind or drape cleaning because it is affixed to the window and is maintained just like the window itself.

Solar UV Protection

Our switchable smart film, like the majority of our products, offers solar UV protection to lessen glare and stop the room's fabrics and furniture from deteriorating.

Our switchable window film is available in lengths of up to 3000mm and widths of up to 1500mm, our switchable window film may be linked together or modified into different forms to suit your demands. In order to deliver the best TaiZhou Window Films for your space as a luxurious complement to your glass, our service staff will carefully grasp your unique project requirements.

Does Your Project Make Sense To Use Electric Switchable Smart Film?

For fast conversion of regular glass to smart glass, PDLC switchable electric glass films with an adhesive side are perfect. The movies are affixed to the glass surface and connected to a wall switch or smartphone app and controller. This allows the glass to be turned on and off for privacy, control over solar radiation, and use as a movable projection screen. When renovating an existing glass surface or adding a high-tech privacy film to a modern design in place of window coverings, it is ideal. may be intricately designed or given a distinctive flare by cutting them into different forms.

It is appropriate for any location where glass is used in architectural and interior design across a broad range of businesses, including public spaces like hotels, workplaces, and hospitals as well as entryways and bathroom showers in individual homes.

Unlike other dimmable smart glass film goods that are self-adhesive available in the market, TaiZhou's dimmable electric heating film products come with our online expert assistance guaranteeing superior quality, performance, and longevity.

Are you ready to add switchable smart film to your hotel, workplace, or any other built environment? Request a quotation right now from TaiZhou, the world leaders in smart glass technology innovation.

Smart film

Installing Switchable Smart Window Film

Additional Details On Smart Films


Note: Switchable smart membrane installation usually costs between £350 and £500 per square meter*. See our associated post for more details on criteria and prices.

*Note that depending on the location and total amount of material needed, each installation is different. The cost per square meter may rise sharply for smaller, less typical projects (often smaller than 10 m2).

Our films are appropriate for windows of various shapes and sizes, from enormous floor-to-ceiling windows in multi-story office buildings to distinctive ornamental windows. For us, no work is too big or too little, and our staff is specially trained to help you locate the perfect product for your needs and space. We would be happy to talk with you about the best options to replace your old windows and glass right now. For more information about our goods or to start creating your ideal place, give us a call at 0086-13435492286 or send us an email using the form on our website.

Would you want to know more about switchable smart film and smart glass? Please contact with Martina, she address all of your queries regarding smart glass.